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When you walk through the halls of Gann or explore the pages of this website, you will find it hard to believe that our school just turned 20 years old. The same kind of bold, innovative thinking that inspired our founders to create this new, international model of Jewish high school education continues to animate this dynamic community today.

High school is an incredible time in the life of a young adult. These four years are about developing skills and gaining knowledge, yes, but they are also a time for growth, exploration, and for discovering who you are.

From the moment our students arrive in the morning until they complete their classes, sports, arts, and extracurricular activities, sometimes late in the evening, they fill our campus with open and spirited debate, passionate engagement with ideas, and deep analytical thinking – all taking place on the foundation of a caring, compassionate, and joyful community.   

Gann’s outstanding faculty sharpens our students’ intellects, challenging them to become both analytical as well as creative, out-of-the-box thinkers. Whether reading literature, conducting a science experiment, or deconstructing a Talmudic argument, Gann students learn that academic excellence requires the ability and the courage to ask interesting and essential questions, and the drive and the skills to explore various possible answers.

A Gann education also inspires our students to think deeply about what matters to them as people. What do you value and what do you care most about? Where do you come from, what communities are you part of, and for what future do you feel responsible? The power of being in a diverse Jewish community during these formative years is that our students learn to find meaning, inspiration, and purpose in their Jewish heritage as they navigate their human journey.

The result is that our students develop into intellectually confident, ethically responsible, passionately engaged citizens and leaders, creators of the future and repairers of the world.

We invite and encourage you to explore this website to learn more about a Gann education.

Be challenged. Be known. Love school.
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Glimpse of Gann

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  • Great Conversations: The Stories Behind the Story

    Our Gann community enjoyed a special evening of hearing the stories behind the Gann story as Dr. Dalia Hochman, Head of School, Gann Academy and Rabbi Marc Baker, President & CEO, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) shared their experiences leading Gann in the past and into the future. Enjoy this great conversation and learn how both leaders boldly forged a new age for Gann, strengthening our school and amazing community with every step.
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  • Tuition Support at Gann Academy: A conversation with Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations

    Gann Academy recognizes that choosing to send a student to an independent high school reflects an enormous commitment for every family in our community. Our school is devoted to making a Gann education affordable by providing tuition support programs to all those seeking a pluralistic Jewish education.  
    Our school is devoted to making a Gann education accessible by providing tuition support programs to all those seeking a pluralistic Jewish education.  
    Today we share a conversation with Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations at Gann Academy. Amy manages Gann’s tuition support programs process. With our tuition support deadline fast approaching on February 16, Amy is prepared to help answer your questions about tuition support.  
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  • A Civics Education

    In honor of this year’s election cycle, Gann has focused much of our student programs on civics education.  This year’s program echoed the Inauguration Day programming that we’ve planned every four years since Gann’s inception to join with each other and our fellow citizens to witness key moments in our country’s history. Our tekkes (ceremony) framed Inauguration Day in an “only at Gann” way. We heard from students who shared d’var Torahs, charges, and prayers that reflect their hopes and dreams as new voters and the next generation of engaged citizenry. 
    Yakira ’22, delivered this year’s charge and noted, “I feel extremely grateful and honored to be a part of the Inauguration day programing at Gann. I have been given an amazing opportunity to create a piece that speaks to people. Trying to decide what to say and what people needed and wanted to hear was somewhat difficult. There were many ways I could’ve approached this, but after a lot of brainstorming, I decided this charge would speak directly to people and give them a reason to care. I hope I did it justice and gave the Gann community the hope that they deserve.”
    Read Yakira’s full charge to the Gann community below:

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