Gann Academy is a community committed to diversity and inclusion.

Founded with a mission of Jewish pluralism, Gann Academy embraces the richness that comes from building a diverse community. Today, diversity at Gann goes well beyond the religious dimension and includes differences in socioeconomics, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, and political affiliation. Students explore their commonalities and differences in an environment of trust, curiosity, and growth. We believe that our students are strengthened both intellectually and morally when they learn with, from, and about each other.

When our alumni reflect on the social climate of Gann, they often point to the sense of belonging, and the way it lets them explore their unique identities. In this way, Gann becomes a safe and robust foundation from which our students venture forth into college and beyond.

Student Diversity
Leadership Conference

Gann students, faculty, and staff participate each year in the Student Diversity Leadership Conference sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools. The conference is the leading multiracial and multicultural gathering of independent high school student leaders in America, attracting more than 1,600 students.

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Sh'ma Kolenu
Hear Our Voice

Sh'ma Kolenu, Hear Our Voice, is an annual program put on by the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) student club. Students, faculty, and members of the extended Gann community come together to share their stories of coming out to family and friends, rising above bigotry and hate, and building community. The program, now a model replicated at other independent schools, helps foster empathy for our LGBTQ community.

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Student Voices

Throughout the year Gann students come together as a community to hear personal, emotional, and often inspiring stories from their peers on topics meant to strengthen the community. Past discussions have dealt with diversity, gender identity, political affiliation, disability, and pluralism.

Faculty Fellowships

Gann nurtures its teachers as deliberately and thoughtfully as it does its students because passionate and diverse teachers make for engaged students. One of the unique programs Gann offers faculty is the Carol Ruth Jacobs Traveling Fellowship, which enables one Gann teacher to travel each year to experience new cultures and enhance their teaching. Fellows have visited a number of countries, including Japan, Spain, India, and Israel.
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