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List of 20 news stories.

  • Bunch of Brainiacs

    We're losing our minds over this lesson! STEAM Teacher Laila Goodman had her “Biological Basis of Behavior” class dissect sheep brains to further explore neurobiology. 
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  • Purchase Tickets to the Fall Play

    The Fall Play is “Marian, Or The True Tale of Robin Hood,” a rollicking medieval adventure story, a modern twist on the classic Robin Hood tale full of swordplay and fisticuffs. The show is a gender-bending, patriarchy-smashing, hilarious new take on the classic tale. Robin Hood is (and has always been) Maid Marian in disguise, and leads a motley group of Merry Men (few of whom are actually men) against the greedy Prince John. Modern concerns and romantic entanglements clash on the battlefield and on the ramparts of Nottingham Castle in this play about selfishness, selflessness, love deferred, and the fight. Always the fight. The fight must go on. 

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  • Making Memories at MacArthur

    A brand-new tutoring program is in the works, a chance for Gann students to volunteer at Waltham elementary schools. Currently the MacArthur Student Tutors—name subject to change—are a group of eight who visit classrooms on Wednesday mornings.  
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  • Functionality, Fun, and Phone Cases

    What if your phone case reduced your screen time? Computing, Design, and Fabrication teacher Rosa Weinberg asked her Design I class to do just that.  
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  • Engineering Class Meets "Project Runway"

    When art, design, and engineering intersect with fashion, it’s all about innovation. Computing, Design, and Fabrication teacher Rosa Weinberg and Danny '24 embodied that spirit with the three looks they created using the Classp, a mechanism Rosa invented, for fashion day at the Cambridge Science Festival.  
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  • Gann Moot Beit Din Teams Win in Maryland!

    From the friendships forged between all the participating students to the lively and sophisticated conversations about Jewish values and ethics, this experience will be one the students will take with them for a long time.
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  • Congratulations, Fall 2021 All Scholastic and All Stars!

    Congratulations to our 13 student-athletes who achieved all scholastic and all star recognition this fall!
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  • Humanities 9: An Innovative Curriculum for an Ever-Changing World

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  • Innovation is Part of Our DNA

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  • Brick Replica of a Portion of the  Cedar Hill Hedge Maze Credit: Betty MacKenzie, April 2021

    Cornelia Warren and My Gann Experience

    By Aviva Stein '21
    When you ask students at Gann Academy “what is special about Gann?” you will get a wide array of answers. One answer you will always get is something along the lines of “my teachers!” This is certainly true for me. The benefit of going to a small school like Gann is that my teachers know who I am. My teachers gave me individualized attention, engaged with me after class when I wanted to talk about the lesson, and remembered my interests, helping me to explore them further. My teachers became my mentors and advocates, pushing me to explore new things and expand my horizons. 

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  • Gann Farm Connects Jewish Youth with Agricultural Heritage

    "Being Jewish at the Gann Farm is unlike being Jewish in a synagogue or classroom. It means muddied knees, singing in open air and connecting with the land — a chance for youth to do as their forebears did," writes Marigo Farr, reporter for The Scope Boston.
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  • Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway was a Homerun

    Still Kvelling!
    With the ShenaniGanns poised to sing the national anthem, and Dr. Jonathan Golden prepared to throw out the first pitch at Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park, even temperatures in the nineties and the possibility of rain couldn’t stop Gann from celebrating our community.

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  • Learning Spanish Through Art, With Artist Sandra Mayo

    "Azul – blue."
    "Hexágono – hexagon!"
    You might think that colors and shapes belong in an art class rather than in a Spanish class, but at Gann, this is the exact blend that makes our teaching approach so unique. Students in Elena Morgan’s Spanish III class recently created art with artist Sandra Mayo. Mayo, who is Argentinian, led students through an art lesson entirely in Spanish, beginning with encouraging each student to share their favorite colors and shapes.

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  • Ranked, A New Musical to Premiere Outside at Gann

    The Red Curtain Drama Club (RCDC) is proud to present this year’s musical live and outdoors at Gann Academy. Audience capacity is limited, so be sure to reserve your tickets soon if you want to join in person! RCDC is also pleased to offer a ticketing option for anyone who cannot attend the performance live and would like to enjoy the musical online via livestream. All rehearsals and performances follow safety protocols as outlined by the CDC, Mass DESE, and Gann Academy's medical advisory board.
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  • Join Ray Daniels and the Fall River Symphony Orchestra this Sunday!

    Join Gann’s very own Ray Daniels and the Fall River Symphony Orchestra online on Sunday, May 16 for the final concert in their year-long series: Composers of African Descent. Also featured on this concert are renown African American composers, Renee Baker and Adolphus Hailstork, and co-founder and artistic director of Castles of Our Skins, Ashleigh Gordon.

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  • Statement on the Pursuit of a More Just and Transformed World

    Dear Gann Community,
    A small measure of accountability was handed out yesterday within the Minnesota justice system. And as we continue to regularly witness unarmed Black people killed by police in America, that accountability doesn’t return the lives lost in a broken system we must change. We can’t close our eyes or ears to what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd. That moment of loss highlighted (yet again) the state of racism in America today. And we must not and cannot, ever forget our belief that every human is made in the image of God, that Black lives matter. Yesterday’s moment of accountability is a call to action for enduring, systemic change towards a more just and transformed world.

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  • This Summer: Intern on the Gann Farm

    Are you interested in spending your summer getting paid to work outside while building the skills to create a more beautiful, just, and sustainable world? Join us for the Gann Shomrei Adamah (earth protectors) Internship!

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  • Exploring the Biological Basis of Behavior through Sheep Brains

    If you want to know how the brain works, the best thing to do is look at one yourself. So, on a particularly warm March day, Biological Basis of Behavior students set up dissection tables outside, opened their lab instructions, and carefully began dissecting sheep brains.
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  • Tuition Support at Gann Academy: A conversation with Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations

    Gann Academy recognizes that choosing to send a student to an independent high school reflects an enormous commitment for every family in our community. Our school is devoted to making a Gann education affordable by providing tuition support programs to all those seeking a pluralistic Jewish education.  
    Our school is devoted to making a Gann education accessible by providing tuition support programs to all those seeking a pluralistic Jewish education.  
    Today we share a conversation with Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations at Gann Academy. Amy manages Gann’s tuition support programs process. With our tuition support deadline fast approaching on February 16, Amy is prepared to help answer your questions about tuition support.  
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  • A Civics Education

    In honor of this year’s election cycle, Gann has focused much of our student programs on civics education.  This year’s program echoed the Inauguration Day programming that we’ve planned every four years since Gann’s inception to join with each other and our fellow citizens to witness key moments in our country’s history. Our tekkes (ceremony) framed Inauguration Day in an “only at Gann” way. We heard from students who shared d’var Torahs, charges, and prayers that reflect their hopes and dreams as new voters and the next generation of engaged citizenry. 
    Yakira ’22, delivered this year’s charge and noted, “I feel extremely grateful and honored to be a part of the Inauguration day programing at Gann. I have been given an amazing opportunity to create a piece that speaks to people. Trying to decide what to say and what people needed and wanted to hear was somewhat difficult. There were many ways I could’ve approached this, but after a lot of brainstorming, I decided this charge would speak directly to people and give them a reason to care. I hope I did it justice and gave the Gann community the hope that they deserve.”
    Read Yakira’s full charge to the Gann community below:

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