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Our Mission

The mission of Gann Academy is to educate, to inspire, and to empower intellectually confident, passionately engaged, ethically responsible Jews who, through critical thinking and the contribution of their unique voices, will create a vibrant Jewish future and build a better world where human dignity will flourish.

Academic Excellence

Gann's curriculum is broad and deep and includes courses from introductory to advanced in the humanities, arts, sciences, World Languages, and Jewish Studies. Classes are discussion based and emphasize critical thinking and analysis. At Gann, excellence is not measured in a grade or score, but in the achievement and satisfaction that come from thoughtful work, intellectual growth and the willingness to embrace real academic challenges.
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Meaningful Jewish Life

Gann is a pluralistic Jewish community that supports all students in exploring Jewish beliefs, practices, culture and traditions. Many of our students have previously attended a Jewish day school; for others, it is their first experience in a Jewish community. A variety of prayer and discussion groups represent diverse beliefs and practices.
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Extracurricular Experiences

From weekly assemblies to arts to sports to clubs to social activities and student organizations, a Gann education includes a wealth of extracurricular and creative opportunities to explore new passions and discover new talents. These activities extend classroom learning, encourage students to develop new skills such as collaboration and leadership, and inspire their compassion and curiosity.
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Experiential Learning

Project-based learning, exploration weeks, and independent research are hallmarks of a Gann education. A Gann education culminates in a six-week academic and experiential program for graduating seniors. There is flexibility as well; students may choose to study in seminars with their teachers or experience the world outside of school through an internship.
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Inspiring Faculty

At the heart of a Gann Academy education are its teachers, and Gann is committed to recruiting, developing, and inspiring outstanding faculty members. Our faculty cares about the growth and development of their students, not only as scholars but as unique individuals. Adult relationships are central to the Gann experience—every student has an advocate and a mentor at Gann.
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