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Who Will You Become?

Graduates tell us over and over about the profound role Gann played in their personal journeys to live lives of meaning and impact. Gann students, as prepared and engaged citizens, enroll in colleges and universities such as American, Babson, Barnard, Bates, BU, Brandeis, Brown – those are just six of the colleges that the class of 2021 chose, and that’s only the first two letters of the alphabet!
The growth and independence students gain during their time at Gann  provides the tools and maturity to think clearly about life’s next adventure. Each student is paired with an experienced college counselor who guides the student, offers a listening ear, and shares strategies that best support them in reflecting on their talents, passions, and goals.
Students make thoughtful decisions about what kind of university environments will serve them well, and Gann’s personalized understanding of each student creates a match with the right next step. Since our first class graduated in 2000, Gann Academy alumni have attended 190 colleges and universities and participated in over 25 gap year programs. They have  chosen schools in 30 states; Washington, DC; and four international countries. The class of 2021 alone enrolled in schools in 22 states; Washington, DC; and three international countries.
A Personalized College Counselor Focused on Your Search, Applications, and Selection Process
At Gann, students don’t need to hire outside college counseling support. Our College Counseling Office, which includes three full-time counselors, provides robust resources and supports students’ needs to make their best “fit” choices after high school. 

What is College Counseling Like Each Year at Gann?

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    9th and 10th Grade College Preparation

    As students begin their Gann journey, the College Counseling Office works with advisors of 9th and 10th graders to be sure that students understand how to make appropriate choices about courses and extracurricular involvement so they are prepared to begin the college search process junior year. The college counselors also hold grade-appropriate programs for these younger students.
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    11th Grade College Application Process Education

    Gann's formal college counseling program begins in the winter of junior year – ensuring that the college application process doesn’t dominate high school, while giving plenty of time for students to investigate and apply to schools.
    After a kick-off meeting for all 11th-grade students and parents, our counselors meet individually with each family, help develop appropriate college lists, host group meetings and speakers, recommend standardized testing plans, offer essay-writing assistance, and share financial aid information.
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    12th Grade College Selection and Application Partnership

    Senior year, the college counselors meet with each student regularly right from the start. They offer group workshops and events, often featuring college admissions officers from various institutions, in addition to 1:1 meetings. College counselors provide extensive support throughout the application, acceptance, and decision-making phases of the senior year, working directly with each student and advocating for all students.
    Case Study Night, a beloved annual program, is a night where families are invited to read applications and make decisions as a mock admissions committee. In 2021, our committees were guided by representatives from Brandeis University, George Washington University, Syracuse University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and University of Chicago.
    As the year gets underway, the College Counseling Office typically hosts 70+ college and gap year representatives to educate our students about possibilities across the globe. In the fall and winter, students often spend time with their college counselor to review college lists, essays, applications, and plans; in the spring, seniors continue to connect with their college counselor as they make decisions about where to enroll.
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    Gap Years and Service Programs

    Each year, some seniors choose to spend a year gaining skills, volunteering, or traveling before attending college. Some of our students spend time in Israel, studying Jewish texts, doing community service, or exploring; others participate in service programs or other educational opportunities in the United States or abroad. Gann’s College Counseling Office, in conjunction with our Jewish Education department, helps students explore appropriate options.

Meet the College Counseling Team

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  • Photo of Lauren Avalos

    Lauren Avalos 

    Co-Director of College Counseling
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  • Photo of Sherri Geller

    Sherri Geller 

    Co-Director of College Counseling
    781-642-6800 ext. 202
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  • Photo of Shira Zar-Kessler

    Shira Zar-Kessler 

    Associate Director of College Counseling

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