Ma'avar Capstone Project

The Ma'avar Capstone Project is a five-week structured independent study experience at the end of senior year where students pursue their intellectual, artistic, and academic passions. 

In 11th grade, students begin brainstorming potential projects with faculty. The conversation and planning continues through senior year. Students create detailed proposals and weekly schedules.

Ma'avar means "transition" in Hebrew, and the Ma'avar Capstone Project serves as a bridge between a student's high school years and what comes next. The Ma'avar experience empowers students to plan for and take on ambitious projects.

During Ma'avar, students chronicle their experiences and do regular check-ins to share learnings and problem-solve challenges. At the end of the five weeks, every senior gives a presentation to a panel of peers and faculty membersproof of their ability to perform powerful and exciting original work.

Glimpse of Gann

We developed something based on our passion for theatre— starting from nothing and following it through to the stage. To this day, it's one of the things that I have done that I am most proud of.
Yonina Eisenberg, Class of 2009
Yonina and five of her classmates wrote, produced and acted in a musical based on Alice in Wonderland for their Ma'avar Capstone Project.

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