Exploration Week

One way Gann students learn outside of the classroom is Exploration Week, a week dedicated to seeking out new cultures, new adventures and, in some cases, visiting different parts of the country. Students challenge themselves in new ways by participating in intensive community service projects, developing firsthand skills and knowledge, or simply taking a chance to try something out of their comfort zone.

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Gann students spend six weeks in Israel in an intensive travel and learning program that exposes them to historical, biblical, and modern Israel through first-hand experiences and classroom study.

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Senior Capstone Project

Seniors participate in a capstone experience known as Ma’avar. Ma’avar offers students a framework to transition from high school to their early adult lives by spending time engaged in directed study projects or exploring their fields of professional interest through participation in guided internships.

Previous projects include interning at Akamai Technologies, Boston Children's Hospital, and the New England Aquarium, learning how to play guitar, building a quad-copter and go kart, and writing a novella, just to name a few. 

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  • Biotech Students Tackle Research Projects with Electrophoresis

    "Our findings were very conclusive," began Jordan '20 and Elijah '20. "We found that [the genes of] patients with Multiple Sclerosis reacted very differently to the restriction enzymes than [the genes of] patients without MS." 

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  • Robotic Dreams Become Reality in the Ring

    Gann Academy’s four robotics teams got ready to rumble for one final time this season at Needham’s annual Rocket Rumble tournament, which welcomed more than 40 Massachusetts teams. After spending months researching, designing, and constructing robots to take on serious engineering enigmas, Gann’s hard work paid off as their robotic designs became reality in the ring.

    Two teams, the Hutzbots and the Aleph Bots, cracked into the tournament’s top ten, while Gann’s all female-identifying team, the Bot Mitzvahs, battled hard and achieve a spot well within the top twenty. For the second year in a row, the MaccaBots laid claim to the prestigious Design Award, recognizing creativity and ingenuity in robotic construction.

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  • Alabama state troopers attack marchers in Selma during

    Exploration Week: Cultivating Awareness, Curiosity, and Respect

    At Gann, we are passionate about helping students explore issues of social justice from beyond the four walls of a classroom. We want to help them engage in hands-on learning that cultivates awareness, curiosity, and respect for the world around them.
    Our Exploration Week program helps students to do precisely that. This weeklong adventure gives students the chance to immerse themselves in a new place and topic. With ten local and national trips to choose from, Gann students have the opportunity to repair banana farms in Puerto Rico, study geological formations while camping and kayaking in Zion National Park and create cross-generational artwork with residents of NewBridge on the Charles senior living center. 

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