Exploration Week

One way Gann students learn outside of the classroom is Exploration Week, a week dedicated to seeking out new cultures, new adventures and, in some cases, visiting different parts of the country. Students challenge themselves in new ways by participating in intensive community service projects, developing firsthand skills and knowledge, or simply taking a chance to try something out of their comfort zone.
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Gann students spend six weeks in Israel in an intensive travel and learning program that exposes them to historical, biblical, and modern Israel through first-hand experiences and classroom study.
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Senior Capstone Project

Seniors participate in a capstone experience known as Ma’avar. Ma’avar offers students a framework to transition from high school to their early adult lives by spending time engaged in directed study projects or exploring their fields of professional interest through participation in guided internships.

Previous projects include interning at Akamai Technologies, Boston Children's Hospital, and the New England Aquarium, learning how to play guitar, building a quad-copter and go kart, and writing a novella, just to name a few. 
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Glimpse of Gann

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  • Fender CEO Andy Mooney Discuss Music and Life with Gann Students

    "It was amazing to learn from the man who is undeniably one of the best in the music business," said David '21 of Fender CEO and former Chairman of Disney Consumer Products Andy Mooney. 
    Earlier this month, David and his Electronic Music classmates sat down for a video call with Mooney. The students spent nearly an hour learning from Mooney, who spoke about being at the top of one of the most influential music businesses of all time, his marketing philosophy, and his love of music.

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  • Constitutional Scholar Visits Gann's Supreme Court Class

    Constitutional scholar and law professor at Fordham Law School Jed Shugerman visited Gann Academy's Supreme Court class this week to discuss Marbury v Madison, the 1803 Supreme Court case that established the principle of judicial review in the United States.

    "The Supreme Court course at Gann is unique in that students don't just read and analyze influential court cases, but debate and re-try them," said Yoni Kadden, teacher and History Department Chair. By re-trying the case, students think deeply about the law, government, and the American constitutional system. And, as Kadden puts it, "Having a constitutional scholar of Professor Shugerman's acumen helping students think through their ideas, on such a high level, is an incredibly rewarding experience."

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  • Mifgash 2019: A Week of Living and Shared Learning in the Gann Community

    Recently, Gann Academy hosted 23 Israeli students during Mifgash, the annual cultural exchange between Gann and Ironi Hey High School in Haifa. This was the third meeting between the Israeli delegation and the now 11th graders, who visited Ironi Hey last year during the sophomore myIsrael trip. Ironi Hey students spent the week of Mifgash living and learning in the Gann community; in addition to attending programming and classes together, Gann students also welcomed the Israelis into their homes.  

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  • Gann Student Testifies Before Legislative Committee

    Sara Shapiro '20 and her eleventh-grade History teacher, Alex Green, were on Beacon Hill last week, testifying before a legislative committee in support of a bill that would open the historical records of people with disabilities.

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  • Exploration Week 2019

    At Gann, we are passionate about helping students explore learning that may not be possible in the four walls of a classroom. And so we craft hands-on learning opportunities each year in which Gann students cultivate awareness, curiosity, and respect for the world around them.

    Enter Exploration Week, a weeklong adventure which took place last week that lets students immerse themselves in a new place and topic.

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  • Calligraffiti: The Art of Language

    Language learning at Gann is as much about immersing yourself in cultural experiences as it is about mastering vocabulary and grammar. Recently, Gann's Arabic students enjoyed a uniquely immersive experience.

    Last week, Gann welcomed the esteemed Islamic calligrapher Hajj Wafaa to campus as part of an ongoing Arabic III unit on the use of calligraphy as an expression of identity. Throughout the unit, students have been researching the history, purpose, and forms of Arabic calligraphy.

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  • Gann Academy Women Excel in STEM

    Gann women compete on the math team and are members of the Women in STEM club. They take upper-level science, engineering, and math courses. Gann women just plain love any activity that kicks their left brain into gear. 

    "Gann was a very supportive place for me," says Gann Academy alum Zoe Weiss '17, who now studies computer science at Brown University and has dreams of working for Pixar. "My teachers in all my STEM courses were very encouraging." While at Gann, Weiss was named a winner of the National Center for Women & Information Technology Award for Aspirations in Computing, through its Massachusetts affiliate. The award recognizes high school women for their computing-related achievements.

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  • Shalom from Israel

    Gann's myIsrael 2019 trip is in full swing! Our tenth graders are in week three of six in their journey exploring the land of Israel through an exciting mix of experiential learning, camping, sports, art, high-tech, community service and more.

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  • Politics and the State of the Students

    An Op-Ed by Leora Soibelman '21 published in the Shevuon Hatichon student newspaper.

    The word "politics" produces an eye-roll every time I say it. 
    That reaction reveals a larger problem in our society: people are wary of government. An institution that is meant to help us and represent our beliefs has become the thing that Americans want to talk least about. And that attitude adds to the cycle that got it there: if people don’t believe in government, it stops working.

    One step at a time, I’m trying to change that.
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  • March Madness: Mock Trial Advances to Final Four

    It was a Friday morning and the whole school was gathered for Hakhel, Gann's weekly student-run assembly. Talya Lerner '19 had just been called for an announcement. "After going undefeated in our division," Talya starts, then pauses for dramatic effect, "we made it all the way to the final four!" The whole student body let out a cheer.

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  • Team RABBI competes

    The Battle of Lexington

    The Battle of Lexington, a historic moment in New England history, was fought this month by students at Gann. But, instead of soldiers on a field, the battle consisted of specially-crafted robots completing complex missions. And, just as in battles past, Gann Robotics walked away with many accolades.

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  • Photo Credit: Robin Lubbock/WBUR

    Gann Class Project Featured Nationally on NPR's Here & Now

    Gann Academy's "History of Disability in America" and "Graphic Design" classes combined history, art, and activism to create a nationally-lauded museum exhibit entitled "Division, Unity, Hardship, and Progress: A Disability History of the United States" that was recently featured on NPR's Here & Now.

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  • Women in STEM club members in one of the replica Operating Rooms used by medical professionals during simulations, medical device companies for running tests and even film makers

    Women in STEM Explore the Simulator Program at Boston Children’s Hospital

    Throughout the school year, Gann’s Women in STEM club brings in influential women to discuss careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). From hands-on demonstrations of cutting-edge military fabrics led by a female engineer to lessons on coding, this female-identifying group is both practical and engagingand it's one of Gann’s most popular clubs. 

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  • Six Weeks in Israel

    Week one of the sophomores' myIsrael excursion is complete, and oh what a week it was!

    "Being in Israel with my grade has been one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in as long as I can remember," said Shira Hoffer.

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  • Photo Credit: Jesse Costa/WBUR

    Using Theater As A Platform For Activism

    After the Parkland shooting in 2018, Gann students staged protests and lobbied their legislators. Gann's Red Curtain Drama Club took to the theatre, acting in and directing a performance of “Natural Shocks” that was featured on WBUR’s The ARTery.
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  • CEO of PresenTense Israel Leads Discussion on Social Change Through Entrepreneurship

    For a decade, PresenTense Israel has promoted entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change and has played a pioneering role in the StartUp Nation. In Israel, they launched the first social venture accelerator, the first accelerator for Arab tech entrepreneurs, and the first accelerator for Haredi women. To date, they have 40 accelerator programs, have launched 450 ventures, and helped create more than 2,000 jobs.

    PresenTense CEO Rachel Shaul, along with three alumni of the accelerator programs, visited Gann Academy for a panel discussion on entrepreneurship, coexistence, Israeli innovation, and helping underserved communities within Israel. The visit was part of the PresenTense Boston and New York Road Show being sponsored by the Israeli consulate.

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  • Cleaning Water and the Flint Fiasco

    Cleaning Water and the Flint Fiasco

    Cleanliness and schoolwork don't always go together, but in the 10th grade chemistry lab, students worked to clean 500 milliliters of filthy water. Students syringed out the oil floating on top. Then they filtered the liquid with sand and charcoal, and used a process called flocculation which caused the suspended pollutant particles to clump together and sink to the bottom.

    "The lab showed me how much time and effort goes into making water clean," said sophomore Halle Sisenwine. "I am lucky to live in a place where I can take for granted that my water is safe to drink."
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  • Righting a Wrong: Waltham’s Forgotten Cemetery

    Righting a Wrong: Waltham’s Forgotten Cemetery

    Hodaya Propp, class of 2017, was recently featured on the front page of the Waltham News Tribune for a project she started at Gann. For her senior capstone, Hodaya used her community organizing skills to work with the local government and national stakeholders to right a wrong committed years ago in Waltham.

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  • Robots Make Physics Come Alive

    Ninth-grade students are gaining an out-of-this-world experience in Steven Cavendar-Wood’s Physics class. Meet Sphero, a ball-like robot bringing to life concepts like motion, force and velocity that students will use to explore a faux extraterrestrial terrain.
    The 14 Spheros — think Star Wars’ BB-8, but smaller — are the centerpiece of Cavendar-Wood’s mechanics unit. “We wanted to ramp up the physics curriculum and make it more engaging and accessible to all sorts of learners,” says Cavendar-Wood.  “The students are excited about the robots, and, by extension, they’re getting excited about physics—delving in at a whole new level.”

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  • Students visit Alabama lynching site to offer Jewish prayers at memorial

    Students visit Alabama lynching site to offer Jewish prayers at memorial

    For years, students from a Jewish high school in Massachusetts have been making annual pilgrimages to Alabama to learn about the civil rights movement.

    A group of 25 high school students from Gann Academy of Waltham, Mass., is in Birmingham today. They are touring the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Kelly Ingram Park.  

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  • Students visit Alabama lynching site to offer Jewish prayers at memorial

    May 24, 2017 - Published by Alabama Living.
    For years, students from a Jewish high school in Massachusetts have been making annual pilgrimages to Alabama to learn about the civil rights movement.

    A group of 25 high school students from Gann Academy of Waltham, Mass., is in Birmingham today. They are touring the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Kelly Ingram Park.  

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  • Broadway’s Hamilton Meets Harvard Business School in Gann History Class Broadway’s Hamilton Meets Harvard Business School in Gann History Class

    Broadway’s Hamilton Meets Harvard Business School in Gann History Class

    February 28, 2017
    What happens when a Gann student obsessed with a certain Broadway musical shares her passion with her AP American history teacher who has recently learned an innovative teaching technique from a top business school?

    The class re-enacts a famous debate between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, using a case study method made famous by Harvard Business School. And it’s one of the most exciting, enlightening classes many students have ever experienced.
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  • Broadway’s Hamilton Meets Harvard Business School in Gann History Class

    Seniors Take Charge of Own Learning During Ma’avar

    May 5, 2017
    One senior is building a “happiness app” that leverages the most current psychological research. Another is teaching at a school in Tel Aviv. A couple of boys are driving through the U.S. heartland, interviewing people about the state of the country, then creating a podcast from their research. Students are interning at hospitals, a Tufts medical lab, a state senator’s office, and in the photography department of a local newspaper.
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