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We asked current and former students to share their 25 favorite parts of the school...

Their answers create Gann's Blueprint to 25 Amazing Years!

It's no surprise that the number one answer from the students was their awesome teachers! Gann faculty and staff offer academic courses and extra-curricular offerings that challenge, inspire, and create meaningful learning experiences for all of our students.

Most importantly, the faculty and staff's passion for education results in graduating young adults with deeply-held Jewish values and a sense of responsibility to serve as members and leaders in both the Jewish and global community.

Outstanding Faculty

Gann invests deeply in our faculty and staff, and we nurture our teachers as deliberately and thoughtfully as we do our students. As needs, technologies, and pedagogical approaches change, we encourage our teachers to evolve their teaching by being reflective, by innovating, and by taking risks—and teachers model these qualities for their students. About 90% of our faculty hold advanced degrees, with a number of PhDs among them. Pairing excellent teachers in deep and meaningful mentoring relationships is a hallmark of Gann professional development.

How We Teach

Gann’s expert teachers have developed a curriculum that integrates the most recent advances in learning science to teach both transferable 21st century skills as well as discipline-specific content. Schools often vacillate between the teaching of either skills or content. Here, faculty and staff understand that you need both in order to truly be prepared for an ever-changing world.
Gann nurtures its teachers as deliberately and thoughtfully as it does its students because passionate and diverse teachers make for engaged students. One of the unique programs Gann offers faculty is the Carol Ruth Jacobs Traveling Fellowship, which enables one Gann teacher to travel each year to experience new cultures and enhance their teaching. Fellows have visited a number of countries, including Japan, Spain, India, and Israel.