A Great School Needs A Great Faculty

We're fortunate to have an outstanding faculty, 90% of whom have advanced degrees. With a 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio, our faculty are so much more than teachers—they are student advisors, coaches, club leaders, and mentors. They challenge and inspire their students toward excellence.

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Over the past four years, I have been challenged to question my assumptions about myself and about the world. My horizons have expanded, and my incredible teachers have propelled me down paths I could never have foreseen.
Stav Berjerano, Class of 2017

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  • Brick Replica of a Portion of the  Cedar Hill Hedge Maze Credit: Betty MacKenzie, April 2021

    Cornelia Warren and My Gann Experience

    By Aviva Stein '21
    When you ask students at Gann Academy “what is special about Gann?” you will get a wide array of answers. One answer you will always get is something along the lines of “my teachers!” This is certainly true for me. The benefit of going to a small school like Gann is that my teachers know who I am. My teachers gave me individualized attention, engaged with me after class when I wanted to talk about the lesson, and remembered my interests, helping me to explore them further. My teachers became my mentors and advocates, pushing me to explore new things and expand my horizons. 

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  • Exploring the Biological Basis of Behavior through Sheep Brains

    If you want to know how the brain works, the best thing to do is look at one yourself. So, on a particularly warm March day, Biological Basis of Behavior students set up dissection tables outside, opened their lab instructions, and carefully began dissecting sheep brains.
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  • Gann Farm Connects Jewish Youth with Agricultural Heritage

    "Being Jewish at the Gann Farm is unlike being Jewish in a synagogue or classroom. It means muddied knees, singing in open air and connecting with the land — a chance for youth to do as their forebears did," writes Marigo Farr, reporter for The Scope Boston.
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  • Rabbi Dina Brawer

    Gann Welcomes New Jewish Education Professionals

    Gann is thrilled to announce the expansion of the Jewish Education team. Three new individuals will join our talented faculty and, together, will continue to bring our Jewish Education program from strength to strength while reflecting the pluralistic nature of our community. 

    Beginning next year, Gann’s Jewish Education team will integrate Jewish Studies, Jewish Life, Hebrew language, and Israel Education to expand our holistic approach for students.

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