Gann Academy is Greater Boston's Pluralistic Jewish High School

Gann Academy is a pluralistic Jewish high school that welcomes students and families from a broad spectrum of Jewish affiliation and religious observance and celebrates diversity in all forms. It is our mission to nurture each student’s individual Jewish identity and to provide students with a rich, meaningful, and inclusive Jewish educational experience.


Gann’s vibrant and thriving community is rooted in shared Jewish values, history, and text. Our intentionally pluralistic environment encourages students to deepen their understanding of their own Jewish identity and to strive to understand others’ experiences, beliefs, and perspectives.

Through interdisciplinary learning opportunities and meaningful Jewish practice, students from a broad range of backgrounds cultivate critical skills – including empathy, appreciation for multiple perspectives, and curiosity about others – that enable them to find commonalities, and engage respectfully with difference.

Text Study

Talmud study in particular fosters questioning, argumentation, and critical thinking skills. Through Jewish text study, Gann students build resilience and prepare to meet challenges to their identity and practice as they make their way in the world. 

A Jewish Foundation

Gann education is an enduring gift, a wellspring that accompanies each graduate along their journey. As life progresses, they draw from a deep reservoir of Jewish content and values, creatively adapting them to answer the new questions and challenges they encounter as human beings and as Jews. Their inspired education leaves them with a lifelong thirst to seek out new opportunities for Jewish growth, learning, and community building.

Identity Formation

Gann supports students in deepening their connection to themselves, to others, and to their larger Jewish community. We meet students where they are on their unique Jewish journey and nurture their curiosity and confidence to find personal relevance in shared Jewish experience. 

Over four years, Gann students build a deep repository of Jewish values, knowledge, and content that enable them to better understand themselves, and the world around them. They explore essential aspects of development and identity-building – including mental health, gender, and equity – through a Jewish lens. They comfortably situate themselves within Jewish history and identify with the Jewish story, past and present. A diverse range of offerings in Jewish life, ritual, and practice inspire students to find meaning and community.  

Gann students creatively apply their Jewish learning and shared values to the questions and challenges they encounter as they walk through the world. Inspired by their Jewish experience at Gann, graduates emerge prepared for an ongoing journey of growth, exploration, and becoming.

Glimpse of Gann

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    Gann Moot Beit Din Teams Win in Maryland!

    From the friendships forged between all the participating students to the lively and sophisticated conversations about Jewish values and ethics, this experience will be one the students will take with them for a long time.
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  • Gann Farm Connects Jewish Youth with Agricultural Heritage

    "Being Jewish at the Gann Farm is unlike being Jewish in a synagogue or classroom. It means muddied knees, singing in open air and connecting with the land — a chance for youth to do as their forebears did," writes Marigo Farr, reporter for The Scope Boston.
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  • Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway was a Homerun

    Still Kvelling!
    With the ShenaniGanns poised to sing the national anthem, and Dr. Jonathan Golden prepared to throw out the first pitch at Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park, even temperatures in the nineties and the possibility of rain couldn’t stop Gann from celebrating our community.

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