Gann Academy provides an innovative and multi-dimensional learning environment that allows students to grow as unique thinkers, both academically and spiritually as young Jewish adults.

We are invested in supporting and mentoring our students and teaching effective communication and problem-solving skills. In addition to working with their classroom teacher, students can find additional support and enrichment through the following programs.


Advisory is an integral part of the Gann experience. At the start of ninth grade, you are placed in an advisory with seven to nine peers and a faculty advisor. This group meets twice weekly for the next four years. Advisory is a place to go for support, to seek guidance on matters both academic and social, to try out new ideas, to wrestle with challenges, and to talk about what’s going on at Gann and in the world.

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Advisory Program: Where Students are Heard, Known and Understood

College Counseling

Typically, 100 percent of Gann graduates attend four-year colleges and universities, but what matters most is that you matriculate to the college or university that is the best fit for you. With two distinguished, full-time college counselors, the Gann college counseling center serves as a vital, personal, and individually tailored resource for students and families.

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Writing Center

The Writing Center offers one-on-one support to help students navigate all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to revisions. Staffed by faculty in our English department, the center provides personalized advice on papers and lab reports, as well as an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their work before handing it in.

Peer Tutoring

"Who is wise? One who learns from everyone." (Pirkei Avot 4). If you are looking for additional support on a math or Hebrew assignment or would benefit from an additional perspective or set of eyes on a project, Gann's Peer Tutoring Program provides an approachable outlet. Student-run peer tutoring is available for students seeking additional support in math or Hebrew.

Learning Center

Students with identified learning disabilities may receive extra support in a small group setting in the Learning Center, which aims to make learning more accessible without compromising Gann’s academic rigor. The center focuses on developing academic independence along with learning habits that can be applied across disciplines.

Living Well

The Living Well program brings experts to Gann to talk about health and social issues relevant to young adults. Topics may include social media and self-image, substance abuse, gender, and relationships. To further assist students with living well questions, concerns or needs, Gann has a full-time psychologist and nurse on staff.

George D. Krupp Library

The George D. Krupp Library is more than just a place to borrow books. It’s a space that nurtures your intellectual curiosity, and where our library media specialist and assistant will guide you through the research process.

The library collection at Gann includes more than 8,000 items, 50 databases and Library Guides for courses, special topics, research, and leisure reading. The electronic resources, available 24/7, include databases, eBooks, and the library catalog, with links to more resources worldwide.
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