Frequently Asked Questions

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Who is the ideal Gann applicant?

    There is no single ideal Gann student. However, there are certainly some characteristics we look for in our applicants:

    Are you curious? Are you kind? Do you appreciate academic challenges? Are you excited about collaborating and interacting with teachers and other students? Do you have a sense of adventure?

    Gann students come from secular independent schools, Jewish day schools, and public schools. We’re a pluralistic school, which means that our students connect to the Jewish community in diverse ways. That diversity inspires us to think critically and energizes our conversations.
  • Q: How are applicants evaluated? Is one piece of the application more important than another?

    There is no one piece of the application that’s more important than any other. You are evaluated by a committee of faculty members and admissions staff through your in-person interview and online application. 
    When the committee reads your application, they are looking to get to know you. What motivates you? What are your talents? Are you someone who will take advantage of the opportunities you will have at Gann? Your own words, the insights of your parents and teachers, and your academic record all combine to paint a picture of who you are.
  • Q: What happens during my campus visit day?

    The campus visit is a required portion of your application. Most applicants will spend about two hours at Gann on their visit day, with that time divided between a campus tour and separate conversations for applicants and parents. During your conversation, a member of the admissions team will ask you questions about yourself and will answer any questions you have about Gann. Make sure you dress comfortably for your visit because we want you to enjoy yourself and have fun!
  • Q: When will I know if I am admitted?

    Admissions decisions for Gann Academy are released on March 10.
  • Q: I missed the January application deadline. Can I still apply?

    Applications received after the January 15 deadline will be considered on a space-available basis. Please call the Admissions Office directly if you wish to apply late, 781-373-9508.
  • Q: How much homework will I have per night?

    On average, our students report having around 2.5 hours of homework per night. Of course, each student has different work habits, and many students opt to complete a portion of their homework during free time in the school day.
  • Q: What time does school start and end each day?

    School begins at 8:10 AM.

    Academic classes finish at 3:35 PM and the activity block runs from 3:55 PM - 5:05 PM. During the activity block our entire student body participates in athletics, musical ensembles, robotics team, and other student activities.

    On Fridays, school ends earlier to accommodate Shabbat.

  • Q: What sports are offered at Gann?

    Gann's athletics program offers 18 interscholastic teams and numerous recreational activities. Our sports teams compete in the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and have won more than 40 league championships.
  • Q: Do I need previous knowledge of Hebrew to attend Gann?

    No. In fact, many of our students come from public or secular independent schools with limited or no formal Jewish educational experience. We offer many different Hebrew classes, including those for beginners.
  • Q: Does Gann Academy have a dress code?

    Yes. Our dress code was developed with input from students to allow them to celebrate individuality and be comfortable, while demonstrating respect for one another and the important work of learning.

    The dress code is available online in the MyGann portal.
  • Q: Do Gann students attend prayer services at school?

    At Gann Academy we believe that growth in spirituality (deep connection to other people, the natural world, something beyond oneself), wisdom (perspective, patience, meaning-making), and character (kindness, empathy) are important elements in our students' flourishing as human beings. We believe that both traditional Jewish tefilah (prayer) and non-traditional alternatives are effective paths to this kind of growth.
    In the words of Columbia University research psychologist Lisa Miller, Ph.D.: 
    • "There are hundreds of rigorous, elegant, peer-reviewed scientific articles that show spirituality as the root of wellness in the first two decades of life."
    • "Spirituality is the central organizing principle of inner life in the second decade, boosting teens into an adulthood of meaning and purpose, thriving and awareness."
    • "[Spiritual development] provides a protective health benefit, reducing the risk of depression, substance abuse, aggression, and high-risk behaviors"
    To that end, all students participate in Z'man Kodesh (Sacred Time) on Monday and Thursday mornings. In addition, there is optional time for prayer each afternoon and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. In Z'man Kodesh we aspire to create experiences that engage students' hearts (not only their heads), and that facilitate students' growth in spirituality, wisdom, and character. In all, we offer 10 different Z'man Kodesh options:
    • Reform Minyan
    • Mechitza Minyan
    • Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
    • Partnership Minyan
    • Movement
    • Spiritual Seeking
    • Men's Group
    • Women's Group
    • Meditation
    • Learner's Minyan
  • Q: Does Gann offer lunch?

    Gann's on-site Kosher-dairy cafeteria provides many dining options: hot breakfast, a full lunch including salad bar, and a variety of snack and beverage options for students to purchase throughout the day. Parents can pre-load funds on their student's ID card or the student can pay in cash. Students can also bring your own vegetarian food to school.
  • Q: Where do Gann students go after they graduate?

    100% of Gann graduates go on to attend a four-year college or spend a gap year in Israel or other places around the world. Take a look at our recent matriculation list for a detailed look at where our most recent graduates went after Gann.
  • Q: Where do most Gann students live? Is there transportation to and from school?

    Students come to Gann from over 40 different towns across the Greater Boston area and some neighboring states. Gann Academy offers 4 bus routes to support transportation  from a variety of locations.

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