Tuition and Affordability at Gann: Our Approach

Founded with a mission of Jewish pluralism, Gann Academy embraces the richness that comes from welcoming a robust community of committed students and families. It is a priority for Gann Academy to honor our community’s investment in Jewish education, and to ensure that our outstanding educational program is accessible for as many Jewish students as possible. 
Our institutional commitment to affordability makes it possible for individuals of all income levels to attend our school. Gann Academy’s tuition is indexed to family income, and tuition for the 2022-2023 school year ranges from $10,000- $50,950. We are proud to award more than $4.6 million annually in aid to our students through four tuition support programs: Traditional Financial Aid, Within Reach, Pioneer Program, and Professional Partner Program.  
Gann Academy is committed to making the process of exploring and applying for tuition support as transparent, user-friendly, and equitable as possible for families. Below you will find detailed information about the eligibility requirements and application process for each program, as well as frequently asked questions about tuition support at Gann. We encourage each family to apply to multiple programs, if applicable, as our team will assess which program provides the highest award. 

We understand that each family’s financial circumstance is unique, and we look forward to building a strong relationship with your family. Please contact Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations, to start a conversation today about financial accessibility. 

    Tuition Support Programs

    Learn more about our four tuition support programs below.

    Within Reach

    The Within Reach program provides straightforward, dependable, and meaningful financial support for families across a wide economic spectrum. This program is designed specifically for families who have Adjusted Gross Incomes (AGI) between $150,000 and $600,000 and net assets below $500,000 (excluding primary residence, qualified retirement accounts, and 529 plans), and who pay less than $20,000 in property taxes. 
    Within Reach offers predictable tuition for four years, scaled to family income. The application process takes into account tuition that a family pays for siblings that attend other K-12 Jewish day school(s), therapeutic or special education school(s), and undergraduate higher education institution(s).
    Visit the Within Reach page to learn more about this program. For a look into your family's personal tuition scale, utilize the Tuition Calculator included on the Within Reach page and below. 

    Within Reach Tuition Calculator

    Traditional Financial Aid

    Traditional Financial Aid provides financial support for families who wish to have a comprehensive assessment of their individual financial circumstances. The award determination is based on detailed income and asset information that families provide. A committee evaluates all applications submitted through School and Student Services (SSS) to determine a family’s tuition assessment, and information is kept confidential. Gann guarantees that all families who qualify for traditional need-based financial aid will receive a minimum award of $5,000 per child.

    Visit the Traditional Financial Aid page to learn more about the program and download the application.

    Pioneer Program

    We offer the Pioneer Program for students who are joining Gann Academy from public schools to help make the transition to private school easier. Many families take advantage of the outstanding public schools in the greater Boston area for elementary and/or middle school, and then find their educational home at Gann for high school. Students coming to Gann from public schools are critical to the vibrancy of our Gann community. 

    Any Gann applicant to the ninth or tenth grade who attended public school since at least sixth grade and who does not have a sibling who has attended Gann may apply for the program. As part of the Pioneer Program: 

    • In ninth grade, Pioneer families will receive a $20,000 financial aid award (or are welcome to apply to another tuition support program that may result in a more generous award).
    • In tenth grade, Pioneer families will receive a $10,000 award (or are welcome to apply to any other tuition support program). 
    • In subsequent years, Pioneer families are welcome to apply to any other tuition support program.

    Professional Partner Program

    The Gann community is enriched by the active engagement of our Jewish communal leaders and their families. The Professional Partner Program is for families where at least one parent is a full-time Jewish communal professional. Recipients receive a tuition discount of $10,000 per child per year. For 2022-2023, students in the Professional Partner Program pay tuition of $40,950. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    List of 11 frequently asked questions.

    • Q: Who can apply for financial aid at Gann Academy?

      We encourage any family enrolled in or applying for admission to Gann Academy to apply for tuition support. Gann encourages each family to apply to multiple tuition support programs, if applicable, as our team will assess which program provides the highest award.
    • Q:
      I’m not sure which tuition support program is right for my family. Who can I speak with to help me understand my options?

      A member of the admissions team can answer questions about financial accessibility, or you can speak with Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations, at 781.642.6800.
    • Q: Does applying for financial aid affect admission to Gann Academy?

      No. Admission to Gann Academy is need-blind, which means that a family's financial circumstances have no impact on admission to Gann. We encourage all eligible families to apply for tuition support at Gann. 
    • Q: How does the school determine financial aid?

      For traditional financial aid, Gann Academy works with School and Student Services (SSS), a third party vendor and processor of financial aid applications for independent schools across the country, to evaluate all applications for financial aid. Once a family has submitted financial aid documents, the SSS algorithm determines a family’s financial aid award.
    • Q: Is there a maximum income level that will disqualify me from receiving financial assistance?

      No, there is no clear-cut income limit. The financial aid process examines many variables, including income, in order to determine eligibility.
    • Q:
      If my family qualifies to receive financial aid this year, will we receive the same aid the next year?

      We require all families to submit minimal documentation each year in order to determine the award for the following year. Our award determination process remains the same from year to year. Assuming that your family’s financial situation remains largely the same each year, your family can anticipate receiving approximately the same award. If your family’s financial circumstances should change drastically at any point during the school year, we encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss how Gann can be supportive. 
    • Q:
      How do I access financial aid for my child(ren) if I am separated, divorced, or in a blended family?

      Custodial and non-custodial parents must both apply for financial aid. Applications may be entirely separate or be completed jointly. This information is collected to determine the ability, not the willingness, of all parties to financially support the education of their children.
      The school considers the financial resources of all living parents, step-parents, and domestic partners, and requires the cooperation of all parties before financial aid awards are determined. No financial information will be viewable to another parent online, nor will the school share any financial information submitted by another parent. 
      The school is not bound by any disclaimers of financial responsibility or legal arrangements that may bind either parent. Gann Academy does not act as an intermediary between parents and asks that all parties involved communicate directly with each other regarding the education of their children. 
      Please reach out to Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations, to discuss your family’s special circumstances. 
    • Q:
      My child is transferring in from another high school. Which tuition support program is right for us?  

      The Pioneer Program is available to students joining Gann in ninth or tenth grade who have attended public middle school since at least sixth grade and do not have siblings that have attended Gann. All families may apply for the Within Reach program, or for the Traditional Financial Aid program (or for the Professional Partner Program, if applicable).
    • Q:
      Which costs are included in my child’s Gann tuition, and does Gann offer support for additional non-tuition costs?

      Gann’s tuition includes athletic uniforms and Shabbatonim. For students traveling to Israel, there is an additional assessment which is highly subsidized and linked to family income. Gann also subsidizes transportation and additional programmatic costs for students who have received a need-based award.
    • Q:
      What is the timeline and deadline for my financial aid application?

      Applications for tuition assistance programs are due by February 15, 2023. Financial aid awards will be released with Gann Academy acceptance letters. 
      *Prospective families: please note that the admissions and tuition assistance application processes have different deadlines. The application deadline for all admissions materials is January 15, 2023.
    • Q:
      If my financial aid application is submitted or completed after the February deadline, can I still apply for financial aid?

      Your full financial aid application, including your tax return, is required for Gann to assess your application. Late applications will be accepted, with awards determined two to four weeks after the completed application -- along with tax forms -- are received. If applications and awards are not completed prior to contract dates, contracts will be issued at the full tuition amount, with the potential for adjustment later.  Tuition support awards are added to student billing accounts, in this case.

      Financial aid award decisions are made shortly after the February deadline, and funds in the financial aid pool do diminish. It is in your family's best interest to have your full application submitted by the February 15, 2023 deadline.

      If there are extenuating circumstances that impact your ability to complete your application on time, please contact Amy Chandler-Nelson, Director of Business Operations.

    Application Deadline

    Applications for Affordability and Tuition Assistance applications are due February 15, 2023. Late applications will be considered as funds are available. Financial aid decision letters will accompany Gann Academy acceptance letters.  

    Overview of Financial Accessibility Programs

    Fees & Payment Plans

    Gann’s tuition includes athletic uniforms and Shabbatonim. For students traveling to Israel, there is an additional assessment which is highly subsidized and linked to family income. Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or in ten monthly payments.

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