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At Gann Academy there is no limit to the ways you can discover your passions, broaden your skills, and nurture your curiosity. This community is full of relationships and experiences that will expand your point of view and prepare you to become a contributing member of both the Jewish and global communities. 


We believe that high school is about you. These pivotal four years mark a time of transition, development, and discovery. With diverse offerings in all areas of study and extracurricular activities, Gann provides a space for academic, social, and personal growth. You will graduate with the self awareness and confidence to pursue your passions and actively participate in the world. 


Gann’s expert teachers have developed curriculums that integrate the most recent advances in mastery learning to teach you transferable 21st century skills and discipline-specific content. As needs, technologies, and pedagogical approaches change, our faculty evolve courses by being reflective, by continuously innovating, and by taking learning out of the classroom. While many schools often only teach skills or content, Gann understands the importance of teaching both simultaneously. Click Here to View Our 2022-2023 Course Guide.


A Gann education is an enduring gift, a wellspring that accompanies each graduate along their journey. As life progresses, graduates draw from a deep reservoir of Jewish content and values, creatively adapting them to answer the new questions and challenges they encounter as both humans and Jews. A Gann student's inspired education leaves them with a lifelong thirst to seek out new opportunities for Jewish growth, learning, and community building. Upon graduation, Gann students launch into adulthood, prepared to continue their lifelong Jewish journey.


A Gann Arts education promotes self-actualization of the individual artist, cultivation of the creative process, and general arts literacy. Young artists learn to take creative risks, to problem-solve, and to communicate in new ways. Gann Athletics has a combined 20 Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Thirds teams as well as 10 Wellness offerings. In our athletics programs, students focus on character and teamwork, developed using Jewish values including kehillah (community), kavod (respect), and chesed (care). Our sports teams compete in the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) and have won more than 40 league championships.