Dance at Gann

Dance at Gann will inspire you to explore the empowering and intellectual facets of physical expression through movement and choreography. Regardless of skill level, the Gann dance program offers a variety of classes, ensembles and performance opportunities.

New to Dance?

For students new to dance, the Dance program presents an opportunity to discover a new passion, have fun, and learn the foundations of dance and choreography from our experienced instructors. As an introductory dance student, you will study, appreciate, perform, and even choreograph various genres of dance.

Experienced Dancer?

In our advanced courses, you will be exposed to new choreographic works, given the opportunity to learn from various Master Teachers, and will be inspired by your fellow peers. 

Experienced dancers can hone their craft and further their artistry as part of the Gann Dance Company, a contemporary-centered performance ensemble that allows dancers to train at a high level and perform at events around Boston. The dance program at Gann will prepare you for a future in both choreography and performance.
  • 333 Forest Street
  • Waltham, MA 02452
  • P: 781.642.6800
  • F: 781.642.6805