Studio Arts at Gann

Studio Arts provides students with an opportunity to explore their creative and artistic talents in a hands-on studio environment that encourages collaboration, problem-solving, and self-reflection.
The Studio Arts program at Gann is comprehensive and covers a myriad of mediums and techniques in drawing, painting, print-making, pottery, sculpture, and 3D design. You will be encouraged to develop effective studio habits and professional artistic behavior, and our program fosters the development of artistic inquiry, process, technique, innovation, and self-discipline. Through the art program, you will learn to connect your creative practices to your community and beyond by exploring new cultures and artistic traditions and practices; you may begin to see art as a social practice and platform for activism.

Our studio spaces are open to students during the day so that you may use time during free blocks to continue coursework independently. “Open Studio” is offered at the end of the day during A and B blocks. An instructor is available during these times to work with and mentor students who would like to explore new mediums or further develop those practiced in class.