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How We Teach

Gann's expert teachers have developed a curriculum that integrates the most recent advances in learning science to teach both transferable 21st century skills as well as discipline-specific content. Schools often vacillate between the teaching of either skills or content. Here, faculty and staff understand that you need both to truly be prepared for an ever-changing world.  

Curriculum Depth and Breadth

Gann's academic year operates on a semester schedule. The semester model allows students to access ten courses over a school year with the opportunity to choose at least three or four electives. Students explore courses and electives in multiple disciplines while diving deep into areas of passion and excitement. Our impressive depth and breadth of offerings empower students to customize their academic journey. 

Every student's journey through Gann is different. Our students combine academic challenges, athletic and artistic pursuits, social experiences, and opportunities for personal and spiritual development in countless unique ways, with each student finding their own path. 

Jewish Pluralism and Education

We celebrate the wide range of Jewish beliefs and practices students bring to our community. We take the time to introduce you to the why and how prayer and spirituality and give you the tools to explore Jewish pluralism to support your journey as a Jewish young adult.

We explore the world through a lens of Jewish values and social justice: learning about Jewish history, Israel, Antisemitism, Jews of Color, how to engage in civil discourse, and so much more. Each of these learning experiences takes place within your empathetic and safe community of peers.

Student Wellbeing and Habits of Success

Supporting you is our #1 priority. Our systems of student support are central to our school's commitment to your wellbeing. At Gann, faculty and staff think carefully about how to embed academic success into coursework, advisory, after school activities, and other special programs. The wellbeing team, which consists of our Director of Student Supports, school nurse, Learning Center teachers, Athletic Director, college counselors, and Dean of Students, meets together regularly to discuss the holistic needs of students. 

Our wellbeing team is always available to each student as we support your growth towards long-term goals including perseverance in the face of challenge, emotional regulation, healthy relationships, goal-setting, and physical and mental wellbeing. 

Outstanding Faculty

Gann invests deeply in our faculty and staff, and we nurture our teachers as deliberately and thoughtfully as we do our students. As needs, technologies, and pedagogical approaches change, we encourage our teachers to evolve their teaching by being reflective, by innovating, and by taking risks - and teachers model these qualities for their students.

About 90% of our faculty hold advanced degrees, with a number of PhDs among them. Pairing excellent teachers in deep and meaningful mentoring relationships is a hallmark of Gann professional development.

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Glimpse of Gann

List of 4 news stories.

  • Join Us! Admissions Curriculum Night

    Monday, December 13
    7:30-8:30pm on Zoom
    Link to Register
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  • Learning Spanish Through Art, With Artist Sandra Mayo

    "Azul – blue."
    "Hexágono – hexagon!"
    You might think that colors and shapes belong in an art class rather than in a Spanish class, but at Gann, this is the exact blend that makes our teaching approach so unique. Students in Elena Morgan’s Spanish III class recently created art with artist Sandra Mayo. Mayo, who is Argentinian, led students through an art lesson entirely in Spanish, beginning with encouraging each student to share their favorite colors and shapes.

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  • Rabbi Dina Brawer

    Gann Welcomes New Jewish Education Professionals

    Gann is thrilled to announce the expansion of the Jewish Education team. Three new individuals will join our talented faculty and, together, will continue to bring our Jewish Education program from strength to strength while reflecting the pluralistic nature of our community. 

    Beginning next year, Gann’s Jewish Education team will integrate Jewish Studies, Jewish Life, Hebrew language, and Israel Education to expand our holistic approach for students.

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  • Gann B'Yachad: Setting a Precedent for Safety, Together

    When sunlight bursts from beyond a cloud and lights up the sky—that is how one can describe Gann B'Yachad. Gann B'Yachad, meaning Gann together, was a weeklong orientation where students met new classmates and teachers, said hello to friends, learned new safety protocols, and began transitioning to a new style of academics. Much has changed since last year, but during Gann B'Yachad, like sunlight from behind a cloud, joy emanated from students’ masked faces, and a brightness filled 333 Forest Street.
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