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What Really Happens on Professional Development Days?

Four days a year, Gann students eagerly read in their calendars that a professional development day is approaching. To most students, these days simply mean extra time off. However, for faculty and staff, these days, filled with workshops, meetings, activities, and speakers, are diligently planned and highly valued.

"Professional development days give teachers time to think deeply about teaching, and to share ideas with colleagues across the school," said Gann's Chief Operating Officer Gail Schulman. "They're an opportunity not only for training but also for inspiration and recharging of batteries. Knowledgeable, inspired, and motivated teachers are the catalyst for top-notch student experiences."

Director of Teaching and Learning Jacob Pinnolis fully believes in the sacrifice of a normal school day in order to achieve a greater level of education at Gann. "We work as a school on improving student learning of core skills. Effective teaching doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work on the part of teachers, work that is largely not seen by students."​

Adapted from an article by Emma Sullaway published in the Shavuon Hatichon student newspaper on March 16, 2018.