Fulbright Scholar Delves Into Israeli Infertility

Alisa Feldman, Class of 2014

Be fruitful and multiply. It's commanded in the Book of Genesis, it's also echoed in Israel's generous subsidizing of in vitro fertilization (IVF) for women who do not yet have two children.

Thanks to a Fulbright scholarship, Gann alum Alisa Feldman '14 will be heading to Tel Aviv University in September to better understand Israelis' perceptions of infertility. “I'll be doing interviews and studying the country's policies to get a good understanding of what Israelis think about infertility,” says Alisa, who graduates from the University of Pennsylvania this month.

Infertility in Israel is a topic that has long interested Alisa and was the subject of her college thesis, which examined the political, social, cultural, and religious forces shaping provider-client communication in IVF clinics.  She spent much of her time at Penn studying topics from a multidisciplinary perspective, an academic approach learned at Gann. "In high school, I would be in biology class, and our teacher would relate something from halacha to what we were studying," explains Alisa. "It was all about tying together different strands of what we were learning."

Alisa says she's not sure what she'll do after her nine months in Israel, but she does know it will involve something "multi-dimensional, intercultural and interdisciplinary."
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