Athletics Wrap Up

This year has been such a fantastic whirlwind. We’ve seen an incredible amount of success on the field with individual accolades including two Conference MVP’s and 30 league all-stars! Of course, individuals are nothing without their respective teams supporting and sharing in their successes. Within that vein, we hosted three Conference Championship trophies and made two NEPSAC Tournament appearances! Mazel tov to everyone’s achievements!

Beyond the awards and obvious accomplishments, it is necessary to mention the countless times I witnessed achievements that will never be seen in a box score or a statistic. I’ve seen shy and timid people find their voice on the field and gain immeasurable confidence. I’ve seen teammates giving up the individual spotlight that comes from a goal, point, or basket in order to pass to a deserving teammate and share that spotlight. I’ve seen athletes improve immeasurably through the season through their hard work, focus, and determination, even if it never translated to a defining win. Most importantly, I’ve seen each team at Gann display their amazing athletic abilities and balance it with an amazing sense of humility and sportsmanship towards one another and their opponents.

I have truly enjoyed navigating through my first year at the helm of Gann Athletics. From the dedication of the coaching staff and athletes to the endless support from the parents and fans, you have all made this a year I will never forget. Thank you for everything you have done for Gann Athletics. I can’t wait for another great experience next year!

Go Gann!
Brad Ballinger
Athletics Director

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