Gann to Build Innovation Center in Summer 2019

The largest building project since Gann’s move to its current space, the construction of Gann’s Innovation Center reflects our focus on creative, interdisciplinary and collaborative learning in all subject areas—learning which spills out far beyond the walls of a classroom, and which supports the many ways that students learn. 

It will also bring state-of-the-art engineering and lab spaces to the school to support our Computing, Design and Fabrication department and our Arts classes, as well as project-based learning in all of our disciplines.

"The Innovation Center will both embody and embolden Gann’s culture of teaching and learning," said Gann Assistant Head of School Frank Tipton. "Students and faculty will now have ample space, time, and resources to pursue large-scale projects that both enrich learning and catalyze community impact."

Project elements include:

  • The Learning Commons – Building off our current library, the Learning Commons will combine our collections with more space for collaboration and project work, quiet individual work areas for focused study, and larger open areas for whole classes to come together and present.
  • A Digital Media Lab that will support digital photography and graphic design, as well as CAD and 3D design
  • A Prototyping Lab that includes space for “clean” building, 3D printing, and laser and vinyl cutters

  • A Fabrication Lab that includes woodworking and metalworking machinery, both traditional and computer-controlled
  • Expanded space for our Robotics Lab, to facilitate creation and experimentation by our four robotics teams
  • A specialized Academic Resources Center, located directly adjacent to the Learning Commons, that will house our Learning Specialists and include open spaces for group and individual work  
  • Our current Arts Studios will be integrated into this new design, encouraging interdisciplinary and innovative collaboration.

"This is really an exciting project, one which has energized students, faculty, and our entire community," said Gann's Chief Operating Officer Gail Schulman. "For now, the activity is behind-the-scenes, but we’ll look forward to sharing schematics, photographs, and even videos over the winter, spring, and summer."    

Read the Full Letter Announcing the New Innovation Space
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