Gann Leads on Affordability Among Independent Schools

Gann’s leadership in affordability planning was recently recognized at the Association of Independent Schools of New England Business Officers Retreat in Wellesley Massachusetts.  Gail Schulman, Gann Academy Chief Operating Officer, and Emilie Goncalves, Director of Admissions, led a popular session on “Thinking In New Ways About Affordability Programs”. 
Said Schulman, “Gann has been thinking about issues of affordability for years now.  For families who’ve been paying tuition since kindergarten, four more years can feel like an enormous burden.  And for families coming from public schools, tuition can feel like a shock to the system.” 
She explained, “In recent years, we’ve introduced special affordability programs for both categories of families, to make a Gann education accessible to all.   We’re especially proud of the work we’ve done on affordability for middle-tier families—those who might not qualify for traditional programs and yet who still benefit from a bit of discounting.  Those are the families that other schools haven’t yet figured out how to serve, and they’re looking at Gann’s work for ideas.”

At the AISNE session, Schulman and Goncalves talked about Gann’s focus on income-scaled tuition.  The audience was particularly engaged in asking questions about Gann’s Pioneer program, for public school families, and its Within Reach program, which offers special consideration for families with multiple students in Jewish day school or college.  Both programs have been funded by visionary donors committed to making a Gann education accessible to all students. 

The two also talked about the principles of building in transparency and predictability into families’ tuition planning process.   “The goal,” said Goncalves, “is to build a strong partnership with families from the start of the Gann relationship.  Our applying families love the simplicity of Gann’s programs, and really appreciate that they reflect our values of respect, compassion, and open communication.” 
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