Winter Arts Festival

This year's Winter Arts Festival brought in hundreds of community members to sample the work of Gann's artists. The evening began with performances by Gann's choir, a cappella group, jazz band, chamber ensemble, dance company, improv team, and the Grateful Dead Club rock band. Over a festive dinner, attendees took in hundreds of pieces of artwork, including darkroom photographs, 3D sculpture, film, drawings, paintings, and pottery, and were also invited to participate in interactive, student-led booths, including watercolor paint night and origami.

"The arts program at Gann teaches students to take creative risks, to solve problems, and to communicate in new ways," said Lisa Jacobs, Gann's Arts Department Chair. "Students explore their passions, build relationships, and gain a lifelong appreciation of the arts."

Mayta Cohen '19 performed with the ShenaniGanns, Gann's a cappella group, and is excited to further pursue her musical studies at Colorado College next year. "I have grown tremendously as a musician at Gann,” says Cohen. “I am so grateful to the faculty for caring enough about each student to have noticed my interest in music and taken me under their wings."

Over the years, many Gann students have gone on to pursue the arts both in college and beyond. And they often bring their enthusiasm back to Gann. Last year, Naomi Shifrin '16 brought the Princeton Katzenjammers to Gann for an inspiring a cappella performance. Other Gann grads have shared their talents more broadly: 
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