New Courses Offered Next Year

It’s time to register for next year’s courses at Gann and the choices are abundant: more than 125 courses in the humanities, math, sciences, languages and Jewish studies, not to mention the arts and electives that range from poetry to thermodynamics.
"We continually refine our curriculum to ensure that our course offerings reflect the interests of students and the skills and knowledge they'll need to succeed in college and beyond," says Jacob Pinnolis, Director of Teaching and Learning. "Last year, we introduced expanded math and physics offerings for ninth graders and more high-level Judaics choices. This year, we've focused on furthering our advanced studies options."

Highlights of next year’s new offerings include:
  • Number Theory, a new advanced math option, has students exploring the cutting edge of mathematics from investigating the Twin Prime Conjecture to proving Fermat’s Last Theorem. 
  • Engineering II expands the Computing, Design and Fabrication (CDF) curriculum to nine courses, joining other CDF offerings such as Smart & Wearable TechnologyFabricationRobotics, and three Computer Science options.
  • New Arts Electives include courses such as Advanced Studio Arts and Advanced Media Arts,as well as Printmaking and Textiles. These and other courses will join Gann's more than 30 arts electives. 
  • Building Civilizations is the latest addition to Gann's nationally-recognized History curriculum. In this upper-level course, students explore the history and challenges of building city infrastructure from the creation of the first permanent settlements thousands of years ago to the water treatment systems of modern-day metropolises. 
"Many of our offerings, across all levels, will be incorporating the new tools and facilities of our upcoming Innovation Center," says Pinnolis. "As expected, the Center offers enormous opportunity for engineering and computer science, but it also offers cross-disciplinary potential across all of our subjects. For example, history students will create artifacts in the prototyping lab and ninth-grade physics students will use the fabrication lab to construct solar water heaters."
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