Innovation Center Update

We're just a month away from the groundbreaking of Gann Academy's new Innovation Center. Construction kicks off in May and will wrap-up in August before the start of school. Like everything at Gann, a lot of intentionality was placed on the design of the new facilities. 

Teaching at Gann is more project-based than ever, with more long-term and in-depth projects. The new Innovation Center will let students move more fluidly from small group work to class presentations, from research to prototypes, and from questions to answers. "Our goal is to make learning more visible," says Sarah DuBeau-Farley, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, Science Department Chair, and a project leader for the Innovation Center. The new open spaces, and the use of glass partitions instead of standard walls, will allow students to observe their peers using the tools and facilities; encouraging the sharing of ideas and facilitating innovation.

The largest building project since Gann’s move to its current space, the construction of the Innovation Center reflects Gann's focus on creative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative learning in all subject areas. As Jacob Pinnolis, Director of Teaching and Learning and Jewish Education, describes, "next year, students of all grades can choose from more than ten classes housed in the innovation labs—across engineering, computer science, and digital media. Beyond the lab-specific courses, such as Wearable & Smart Tech and Digital Photography, students from all subjects will be using the center—ninth-grade physics students will build roller coasters and water heaters in the Fabrication Lab, history students will create artifacts in the Prototyping Lab, and theatre students will use the spaces to design, model, and build props for the play." 

Features of the Innovation Center include: 
  • Learning Commons  – Building off our current library, the Learning Commons will combine our collections with more space for collaboration and project work, quiet individual work areas for focused study, and larger open areas where whole classes can come together.

  • Gallery Space –  An improved Gallery Space providing students more opportunities to display works and give public presentations 

  • Prototyping Lab – A dedicated space for “clean” building with 3D printers, and laser and vinyl cutters 

  • Fabrication Lab – This lab houses woodworking and metalworking machinery, both traditional and computer-controlled 

  • Robotics Lab – Expanded space for Gann's four robotics teams to create and experiment 

  • Digital Media Lab – An improved digital media lab with updated technology
  • Academic Resources Center – This specialized facility, located directly adjacent to the Learning Commons, will house our Learning Specialists and include open spaces for group and individual work   

  • Arts Studios  – Our current art studios will be integrated into the new design, encouraging interdisciplinary and innovative collaboration
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