March Madness: Mock Trial Advances to Final Four

It was a Friday morning and the whole school was gathered for Hakhel, Gann's weekly student-run assembly. Talya Lerner '19 had just been called for an announcement. "After going undefeated in our division," Talya starts, then pauses for dramatic effect, "we made it all the way to the final four!" The whole student body let out a cheer.
Talya's announcement, while in the spirit of March Madness, had nothing to do with basketball—although Boys Varsity did just take home the league championship. Talya, and the other two co-captains, Saige Anapolle '19 and Matt Gluck '19, were announcing Mock Trial’s recent success at becoming one of the top four teams in the state! Not a small feat considering there are more than 130 teams in Massachusetts.

In mock trial, students try a fictitious case against other teams, playing the role of both witness and lawyer. It’s a great way to learn about our judicial system and the mechanics of litigation. This year's case focused on a police shooting; the team had to prepare both a prosecution and defense for the police officer.

"We worked extra hard this year," said Saige. "Competing in the final four round felt amazing." Matt added, "Making it to the Final Four legitimized and substantiated all of the work we did. It showed our team that we have the ability to compete with any team in the state."
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