Exploration Week 2019

At Gann, we are passionate about helping students explore learning that may not be possible in the four walls of a classroom. And so we craft hands-on learning opportunities each year in which Gann students cultivate awareness, curiosity, and respect for the world around them.

Enter Exploration Week, a weeklong adventure which took place last week that lets students immerse themselves in a new place and topic.

"Explo Week gives students the opportunity to explore something new to them," said trip coordinator Shani Winton. "Whether learning to fence without sight on our adaptive sports trip, training to be a chef, camping for the first time in New Mexico, or going behind the scenes in the world of professional baseball, the experiences the students have will help shape their future."

Every year, faculty and staff come up with programs of interest—ensuring that no two years are identical. Students then choose the adventures they're most interest in. This year, options included learning about food production at a nearby organic farm, rebuilding homes in New Orleans, studying geology on a camping trip in Santa Fe, and much more.

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