Community Day

It's a Gann tradition to kick off the year with a focus on community. "Community Day brings the school together," says Cindy Jacobs, who serves as both the Dean of Students and as the Ninth-Grade Class Dean. "Students are encouraged to go outside of their comfort zone,  meet new friends, and try new activities."

Community Day 2019 was kicked off with the marshmallow challenge. Students divided into small groups and competed against other teams to build the tallest marshmallow-topped tower using only tape, string, and spaghetti.

Afterward, students chose from more than 20 SNAPS session where they had a Tie-Dying, Line Dancing, Old School DJing, Comic Book Exploring, 'Dad Jokes' with Dr. Hochman time. Lunch consisted of kosher barbeque, then the students went out to the fields for the Grit 'N Wit obstacle courses.

Want to see more? Check out our Facebook page for photos of the day's events and watch the video below.

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