Gann Hosts College Counseling Case Study Night

Gann Academy graduates have attended more than 125 different colleges and universities. This breadth of matriculations is possible thanks to the support of our two full-time college counselors.

"Our goal is to assist students and their families in finding the right match," says Sherri Geller, Co-Director of College Counseling, "and to provide extensive support throughout the application, acceptance, and decision-making phases."

The College Counseling Office recently hosted its annual Case Study Night, a hands-on-learning opportunity for seniors and their parents to better understand how colleges review admissions applications. The night was kicked off by new Co-Director of College Counseling Lauren Avalos, who joined Gann this fall after 11 years in admissions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The two co-directors were joined by admissions representatives from Brandeis, Tulane, UMASS Amherst, and Dickinson College.

The admissions officers walked families through the application review process, providing an animated insider-view of how they evaluate applicants by conducting a mock "admissions committee" about three fictional applicants. Students and parents had the opportunity to decide who to admit, who to waitlist, and who to reject, and each group shared their findings and learnings with all in attendance.
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