Gann Robotics Gears Up for the Season in Annual Scrimmage

Gann's four robotic teams, the Maccabots, Hutz Bots, Aleph Bots, and the Bot Mitzvahs, kicked their robots into full gear as they faced off against nine teams from the Greater Boston area in the annual Gann Academy scrimmage. The scrimmage presented teams with a challenge similar to what they will see in the coming months, helping the groups prepare for the forthcoming Battle of Lexington in January.
The contest took place in Gann's newly remodeled Robotics Lab, which was completed this summer as part of Gann's Innovation Lab expansion. The new lab, in addition to providing a larger workspace for the teams, features a regulation size court--something Gann teams had lacked in the past. Having the new facilities provides an invaluable opportunity for our students to design, program, and build their robots in an environment that is similar to official competitions.   

"Robotics is about solving problems, finding creative solutions to difficult challenges," said senior Jordan Marx, "and this scrimmage helped us better understand the problems that needed to be solved."  

"The skills learned in robotics reach far beyond the competition arena," said Marx. "Robotics has taught me to approach problems with creativity and perseverance. I am able to apply these same approaches to my classes and life."  

On January 5th, the teams will compete in the Battle of Lexington MassFTC Regional Qualifying Match at Lexington High School.  
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