Exploration Week: Cultivating Awareness, Curiosity, and Respect

At Gann, we are passionate about helping students explore issues of social justice from beyond the four walls of a classroom. We want to help them engage in hands-on learning that cultivates awareness, curiosity, and respect for the world around them.
Our Exploration Week program helps students to do precisely that. This weeklong adventure gives students the chance to immerse themselves in a new place and topic. With ten local and national trips to choose from, Gann students have the opportunity to repair banana farms in Puerto Rico, study geological formations while camping and kayaking in Zion National Park and create cross-generational artwork with residents of NewBridge on the Charles senior living center. 

Students will also travel to the Deep South for the Civil Rights Journey, an experience that goes beyond simply studying the past and visiting landmarks. Participants dive into the topic of racial justice and meet with the individuals who took part in pivotal civil rights events. By posing questions and engaging in small group discussions with people like the attorney for Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, a Freedom Rider, a Selma marcher, and many more, students gain a valuable perspective on what it takes to create positive change in the world.
"Our goal is to humanize the history beyond statistics and monuments," says history department chair and trip organizer Yoni Kadden. While many topics will address the past, the focus of this trip will be on the future. "We want participants to walk away from the week with a better understanding of what it means to be a responsible human being in our world."

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