Open Mic Mondays at Gann Academy

In an upside-down world, during an upside-down time, Gann Academy students and faculty are coming together virtually for Open Mic Mondays—a midday respite where all are encouraged to share music, art, and other creative passions.
"I loved how it was just a time to be together making art," said Sydney '22, who shared a song and played the ukulele. "It was so nice to be connected to other people during this crazy time. I was not planning to perform, but everyone was so supportive that I really wanted to!"

Arts Department Chair Lisa Jacobs came up with the idea for a reoccurring open mic after she noticed the hundreds of artists and musicians sharing their work online. "We all need music, theatre, dance, visual arts, and comedy in our lives right now, and we happen to have so much talent within our Gann community," said Jacobs. "Just this past Monday, for our first Open Mic, both faculty and students shared vocal music, instrumental music, and readings of famous and original poetry."
Sofia 23', who shared her spoken word poetry, added that she found listening to the performances to be calming. "I think the Open Mic is a way for people to get their emotions out during this hard time in a safe community of other artists."
Open Mic Mondays are a part of Gann BaBayit (Gann at Home), Gann Academy’s online learning program. As a full extension of Gann, Gann BaBayit includes more than just academics—it incorporates all aspects of a Gann education, from classes to clubs, from Jewish life to Open Mic Mondays, and just about everything in between. "While we continue to maintain our academic rigor through Gann BaBayit, not only is it important for us all to step away from our computers and physically engage our bodies, it’s also important to exercise other parts of our brain through creative expression," explained Jacobs.
If you are interested in participating at the next Open Mic, please contact Lisa Jacobs. All are welcome!
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