Gann Student Creates App to Organize Zoom Activities

Between participating in Yoga with Julia, cooking during Bake and Chat with Miranda, or group-watching Shrek: The Musical with the Red Curtain Drama Club, the number of Zoom hangouts at Gann Academy is increasing exponentially. With the multitude of options, scheduling student free time has become a challenge. With this in mind, Jacob '20 decided it was time for some organization. So, he built an app.

"The app displays the events taking place and allows you to export them to your calendars with corresponding dates, times, and URLs," explained Jacob. With Zoom calls neatly laid out by time and day, Gann students can easily peruse and manage their sudden influx of available activities.
"I appreciate the opportunities Gann has given me to further my computer science knowledge," noted Jacob. "Through Gann classes, I have been able to practice building apps and learn more about structuring apps. But what has had the most influence on my preparation was definitely the other members of the Gann community who code."
Having a clear means of organizing events, with easy integration into online calendars, means that students can better stay socially connected while physically distanced. "A few students reached out and mentioned how helpful it was to them," said Jacob. "Many people said thanks. By the end of Passover Break, about 70 people had used the app at one point or another."
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