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Gann B'Yachad: Setting a Precedent for Safety, Together

When sunlight bursts from beyond a cloud and lights up the sky—that is how one can describe Gann B'Yachad. Gann B'Yachad, meaning Gann together, was a weeklong orientation where students met new classmates and teachers, said hello to friends, learned new safety protocols, and began transitioning to a new style of academics. Much has changed since last year, but during Gann B'Yachad, like sunlight from behind a cloud, joy emanated from students’ masked faces, and a brightness filled 333 Forest Street.

"Seeing everyone back on campus
during Gann B'Yachad really showed me how important and caring Gann's community is and how much being around each other brightens up everybody’s day," explained Dodie '21. Although Gann Academy provided its full academic curriculum and enriching student and Jewish life opportunities online this past spring, the value of in-person learning has not been lost on students and faculty. "I take comfort in how energetic Gann is for the school year, and it was so special to feel the in-person warmth created by my classmates and teachers," added Dodie.
In between tie-dying and Israeli line dancing, students practiced following one-way traffic patterns in the hallways, familiarized themselves with their new grade-wide zones, and acclimated to wearing masks for extended periods of time.

Gann B'Yachad allowed the entire community to begin to learn and practice the behaviors that are going to enable us to be together safely on campus," noted Cindy Jacobs, Dean of Students. "I am grateful that we had this opportunity to be together because this is where the magic happens...when we are all together. It's just what Gann is all about."