Calling All Prospective Students! All Your Questions Answered

You asked, and we answered. With Gann's application deadline approaching on January 15, here is everything you need to know to complete your application.
How and where do I upload a photo of my student in their admissions portal?  
Your application contains a link that you can use to upload your photo. Once your application has been submitted and processed, the photo will appear in your admissions portal next to your name. 
Who are good individuals to use for my recommendations?
All academic recommendations should come from teachers from the current school year. Good options for personal recommendations include coaches, guidance counselors, Rabbis, or camp counselors. Close family friends or relatives are not accepted for personal recommendations.
What if my current year teacher doesn’t know me that well or we’ve only met virtually? Can I ask another teacher who is not my current teacher?
You do need to submit a recommendation from your current year teacher. However, we know last spring semester and this semester have been unusual. We would happily consider any additional recommendations that you and your student submit. Please note that you can only send one recommendation request from your admissions checklist. If you need an additional recommendation form, please request one by emailing
How do I access the SSAT Character Skills Snapshot?
While the SSAT Exam is optional this year, we are requiring all families to take the SSAT Character Skills Snapshot. This brief assessment is not an exam and is located by going to Create an account on the SSAT website and follow the instructions there to register for the Character Skills Snapshot. 
How long should my application essay be?
Your essay should be at least 3-5 paragraphs in length but may be longer if you choose. Our application will allow you to write a maximum of 4100 characters but you do not need to fill all the space! 
What is Neuropsych testing and do I need to provide this? 
Neuropsych testing and/or an IEP or 504 plan should only be submitted if your student is planning to utilize Gann’s Learning Center. If you need more information about The Learning Center or whether your student is eligible for this resource, please reach out to the admissions team directly.
How are transcripts submitted? 
Please download the Transcript Release Form that is located on your application checklist and send it to your current school(s). They will send us your transcripts directly. As a reminder, we require transcripts for the last three years of school. 
What is the deadline for Financial Aid?
The deadline for Financial Aid is February 14, 2021. Learn more about Gann’s Affordability Programs.

I missed a virtual event! Can I see a recording? 
Of course! All of this fall's virtual Admissions panels and events, including our Open House, can be found on our YouTube channel.

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