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Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway was a Homerun

Still Kvelling!
With the ShenaniGanns poised to sing the national anthem, and Dr. Jonathan Golden prepared to throw out the first pitch at Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park, even temperatures in the nineties and the possibility of rain couldn’t stop Gann from celebrating our community.

Taking over an entire grandstand, the Gann community arrived in full force. Joyful shouts of “Hi! How are you!” and “I can’t believe it’s been over a year” filled the ballpark, replacing the traditional baseball chatter and calls to buy hotdogs and peanuts.
In fact, the crowd grew quiet only twice; first, when the ShenaniGanns began to sing. Sydney ’22, a member of the ShenaniGanns, noted that the a cappella group has been singing together all year: in-person, over Zoom, in the snow, in the wind, and in the rain. But the chance to sing together unmasked, in Fenway Park, for a crowd of thousands on Jewish Heritage Night, was exciting and deeply meaningful.
“I really love the Jewish community,” exclaimed Sydney!  “Getting to perform at Fenway for the community is really special.”
For the first time in 15 months, the ShenaniGanns sang for a live audience, and what an audience it was! At their conclusion, Gann’s section broke the poignant silence and erupted with cheers.
The second silence came when Dr. Golden took the mound to throw out the first pitch. As Gann’s longest running teacher, his teaching abilities are unparalleled. But his pitching skills?
Cheers came again when Dr. Golden’s pitch landed neatly above homeplate.
With great appreciation to the Gann community and the outpour of joy from our crowd – the red sox lost that night, but you’d never have noticed. GO GANN!