Innovation is Part of Our DNA

about innovation at Gann:

How do the tools in your labs prepare students for life after high school?
Gann's labs utilize cutting edge tools that real engineers use in their careers. By identifying future forward technology, our STEAM program readies students for jobs that don't yet exist, all while helping them to think creatively as they build new solutions.

How are your creative spaces accessible and approachable?
Engineering is for everyone at Gann. Gann's Prototyping and Fabrication labs are intentionally designed with our students in mind. Anyone, no matter their engineering background, can walk into a lab confidently and safely. How does that happen? To begin, our labs host a core set of tools that cover over 90% of student engineering needs. This intentional number of tools facilitates fast learning while lessening intimidation. Another example - wood pieces are sorted and color coded based on size, making projects straightforward and easy to navigate.

How is innovation integrated through your institution?
Innovation drives our students. In our innovation labs and in our classrooms, students are at the center of our design. Our walls are whiteboards and our classrooms filled with desks that can reconfigured to inspire deep thinking. Learning at Gann is dynamic and our building is too; when you can write on the walls and tesselate seats together, ideas spring to life.

Fun Fact!
Our Prototyping and Fabrication labs are directly across from our art studios, enabling creativity and analytical thinking to work seamlessly together.

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