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Humanities 9: An Innovative Curriculum for an Ever-Changing World

Explore the Humanities 9 curriculum here!

Gann’s curriculum integrates the most recent advances in learning science to teach both transferable 21st century skills and discipline-specific content. Here, faculty and staff understand that students need both skills and content in order to truly be prepared for an ever-changing world.  
Humanities 9 was developed with the twin goals of establishing rigorous expectations for learning, and of ensuring that every ninth grader finishes the year with a solid and consistent foundation in literacy and inquiry. We have determined that offering one intensive course that focuses both on academic skill-building and on contemplating understandings about the human condition is the most effective way of reaching these goals.  
Through their year-long study of the Humanities, students acquire the cognitive, spiritual, and relational abilities that they will need for upper-level disciplinary courses, for college, for careers, and for lifelong learning.