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Engineering Class Meets "Project Runway"

When art, design, and engineering intersect with fashion, it’s all about innovation. Computing, Design, and Fabrication teacher Rosa Weinberg and Danny '24 embodied that spirit with the three looks they created using the Classp, a mechanism Rosa invented, for fashion day at the Cambridge Science Festival.  

On Saturday, October 8, the two showcased their looks in an event called “The Mix: Creative Concepts,” which was hosted as part of both the Science Festival and Boston Fashion Week. " Think: an engineering class meets “Project Runway.” Rosa explained, “It was super thrilling to see our work live on the runway.” Models donned garments featuring the Classp, a curved contraption that applies pressure to fabric. As opposed to a zipper or button, the Classp holds cloth together using tension; a loose rectangle of fabric can become a beautiful dress when Classps are placed on the shoulder and hip. The final designs were created using  3D printer
s, a laser cutter, and a sewing machine in the Fabrication Labs at Gann.  

Rosa has been working on the Classp mechanism since an artist residency in 2018, as she was “interested in creating a garment that would close in like a chrysalis.” Director of STEAM Greg Banks suggested Danny as a good partner for the project for the Cambridge Science Festival, having taught him last year. Danny designed two of the three looks: a pair of suspenders that could be worn as a shirt, and a reinvention of the business suit. 

“I wanted to do it because I like kind of ‘out-there’ fashion things and I really enjoy the engineering aspect of design,” Danny said. “I had just learned skills in engineering class that were exactly what I needed for this project.” 

Someone call Tim Gunn, because Rosa and Danny know how to “make it work.”