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Making Memories at MacArthur

A brand-new tutoring program is in the works, a chance for Gann students to volunteer at Waltham elementary schools. Currently the MacArthur Student Tutors—name subject to change—are a group of eight who visit classrooms on Wednesday mornings.  
Sheva ‘25 founded the club at school after hearing her brother talk about a similar one at his school. “I love working with kids, but I hadn’t actually done it before. I was like ‘it’s a shame that Gann doesn’t have this,’” she said. Sheva went to Ms. Jacobs, who had recently heard from the MacArthur elementary school that they were interested in partnering with Gann to bring student tutors to help out. Talk about perfect timing!  
Each Gann volunteer sits in a classroom with McArthur students between second and fourth grade. They act as a sort of teacher’s aide, helping the elementary schoolers with their work. While the tutoring is only for half an hour a week, Ms. Jacobs and Sheva are looking for ways to extend the time. For example, some of the Gann volunteers went over today, as it is a Faculty Grading Day.  
“We’re in the pilot stage,” said Sheva, “but we’re hoping everyone can apply to do it [soon] and hopefully expand to other schools too.”