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Bunch of Brainiacs

We're losing our minds over this lesson! STEAM Teacher Laila Goodman had her “Biological Basis of Behavior” class dissect sheep brains to further explore neurobiology. 
"There are some things you can’t learn any other way,” explained Laila about why this teaching method was so effective. Using scissors, tweezers, a pointer, and a scalpel, they went through and attempted to fully separate distinct sections of the brain. According to Laila, sheep brains are big enough to show each various area of the brain, while not being too big to easily work with.  
Leading up to the dissection, the class spent time learning about neurobiology. Laila explained that her class learned all about the brain: from its dual processing system, to the two distinct hemispheres, to the various sections that it contained—like the brain stem, cerebellum, and cerebrum.  
Any student that was uncomfortable with the dissection had the opportunity to research online, but most students stayed, eager to dive into the lessons at hand. “It’s a hands-on learning experience of all the diagrams I’ve been studying and articles I’ve been reading,” said Kyra ‘23.  
What another great example of experiential learning!