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Future Filmmakers

Lights, camera, action! Media Arts Teacher Maya Wainhaus’s “Filmmaking” class is making a trailer for a satirical coming-of-age movie.

This project is a mix of interpersonal and technical learning. “There’s a lot of different skills at work here,” Maya explained. “Collaboration, writing, production planning, visual work, editing.” Every student is involved in each step of the process, making sure they understand the work that goes into film production. 
Fully written by Ayelet ‘25, Ben ‘25, and Teddy ‘25, the story follows Zeus, a dorky new high school student who has a big dream: to join the most popular group on campus, the farming team. The trailer treats farming as a fiercely competitive sport, based on who can grow the best crops and be the MVP of the school.  
Ayelet, Ben, and Teddy used DSLR cameras and tripods to film the video clips and are now using Premiere Pro to put it all together. “I really like learning to edit,” said Ayelet. “It looks pretty intimidating, but it’s not. It’s fun!”  
Though the trailer is still in rough stages, it is already very impressive. Maya is teaching the students how to use professional-grade equipment—and they are leaning into it with excitement.