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What an excellent first week back!

Welcome back, Gann Academy! 
Once again, our halls were filled with the sounds of joy, laughter, and learning. STEM Foundations, the brand new ninth grade course, is off to a great start. 
All three STEM Foundations classes kicked off with a building challenge. Students were tasked to build a free-standing tower, strong enough to support either a marshmallow or a clementine. Their only materials were tape, and either skewers or spaghetti as the foundation. This was done as a conscious effort to work on collaboration to start the high school experience off strongly. This project drew inspiration from the other ninth grade foundational courses—9th Grade Arts Foundations and Humanities 9—which do similar team-building exercises. 
There was no winner for this challenge; the goal was simply to build a standing tower by working together. In conjunction with this project, students were asked to think about their experience working with others and the role they play in group settings. One student said, “My group was respectful and enthusiastic but also didn’t make the experience stressful or anxious.” With a positive first week, this class is kicking the year off right!