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No Ruffles in our Feathers!

Why did the chicken cross the Gann Farm? To model for the Art From Observation class! Following the goal of drawing live bodies, Natalya took her class outside to show her students a new type of model. 
This week, students focused on figure drawing. They drew each other, with each classmate taking time to stand in the center of the room and pose. They rotated through a few postures each, giving students a chance to practice quickly sketching a general form without worrying about the details. This was designed to allow students to understand the concepts of drawing a body, regardless of which person is posing.
To take this lesson a step further, these aspiring artists were challenged to draw figures that didn’t know how to sit still or how to pose. Enter Gann's fluffiest models: the chickens on the Gann Farm. The chickens were mostly willing models, but they did not want to be held, forcing students to practice sketching moving animals. 
Artwork from this assignment will be on display in the second floor Art Gallery soon. Be sure to check it out!