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Watching the World Cup

Though this was the one week between fall and winter sports, athletics are still on the minds of many students. On Monday, during Flex Block, the World Cup match between the United States and Wales was projected in the Learning Commons! 
About three dozen students smushed in, even sitting on the floor to get a glimpse of the action. “I think the World Cup is the coolest competition,” said Adin ‘24. “It unites the whole world.”  
It certainly united the Gann community, as everyone watched eagerly. Cheers and jeers were practically encouraged, with no one holding back their excitement or their disappointment. After one particularly bad play by team USA, one student called out, “You’re worse than our healthcare!”  
Getting this projector set up was a team effort between faculty and staff alike. "It was actually Mr. Kee that suggested we stream the World Cup during Flex Block,” Ms. Jacobs said. She explained that she reached out to the IT department to see if it was possible, and with a little luck, it all came together. “If we can do this again, we will. It’s just so fun!”