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Commander Rami Sherman, Jewish Hero, Visits Gann

"Sometimes we should take risks,” said IDF Commander Rami Sherman, “even if we don’t know the result.”
Commander Sherman visited Gann on Wednesday morning to discuss his involvement in the rescue of hostages in Operation Entebbe in 1976. This historic raid helped save 103 Jewish people from capture by terrorists. Some of those passengers were relatives of Natalie ‘24 and her father, Dr. Zori Rabinovitz.  
German and Palestinian terrorists took over an Israeli flight, landing in Uganda. As if this wasn’t scary enough, the terrorists immediately separated the Jewish passengers from the non-Jewish passengers. Only 30 years after the end of the Holocaust, this division was traumatic for the Jewish people onboard. 
The Israeli government went to work trying to find a way to free those in captivity. With very little information on the hostage situation, there was a lot of uncertainty. “We asked each soldier if he was okay getting on the plane [to Entebbe] without knowing what would happen,” Sherman said. Their only advantage over the terrorists was the element of surprise. 
The raid was ultimately a success, with the Israeli soldiers rescuing almost all who were held hostage and taking them on a plane to safety. Sherman recalled families crying tears of joy as they were reunited. 
The Jewish community is certainly proud to have him. Dr. Rabinovitz thanked him for all of his efforts, grateful that his family was saved. “This for us is like another Pesach,” Dr. Rabinovitz said. “We celebrate it every year, we celebrate this release.” He shared pictures of his family reuniting after returning home, as well as pictures of how large his extended family has gotten, as a reminder that the heroic actions of Commander Sherman and the other soldiers involved have lasting impacts across generations. “It’s a legacy all over the world.” 
Thank you so much to Natalie for organizing this incredible event!