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Gann Robotics is Going to the State Championships!

For the first time in over five years, Gann Robotics is going to a state level competition, the Massachusetts FTC Championship!  
In each round of the qualifying competition, players guided their robot through a course of poles of different heights. The robot had to be able to grab cones and place them on the many rods; the higher the pole, the more points awarded. “Mechanically, the robot performed almost flawlessly,” said Elijah ‘25, one of the team captains. With a great robot, Gann was able to win all 10 rounds they competed in! 
This robot was entirely designed by the students in R.A.B.B.I., with team members often spending 12+ hours a week working on the creation. The students had to code and build it entirely from scratch. Using the Computing, Design, and Fabrication lab, the group was able to design custom parts. “Last year, I took ‘Intro to Fabrication’ where I learned how to use the equipment,” said Elijah. Custom components include the 3D-printed claw used to grab cones and wooden, laser-cut plates.  
In preparation for state competition, the robot is getting upgrades. “We want to make the robot easier to control, create a better grabber, and do a software overhaul,” Elijah revealed.  
The team is advised by STEAM Teacher Casey Moden, who is very proud of his students. “It was really satisfying to see it all work out,” he said. “They put in a lot of time and were up against some pretty stiff competition.”  
Though qualifying for state is great, R.A.B.B.I. is shooting for bigger heights. They’ve already built a travel box in hopes of making it to the world championships!  
Congratulations (and good luck) to Eliezer G. ‘25 (Captain), Elijah M. ‘25 (Captain), Adam T. ‘25 (Captain), Iris B. ‘23, Michael G. ‘24, James H. '25, Joe K. ‘24, Victoria M. ‘25, Yakir P. ‘25, and Alyssa W. ‘25!