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Army Researcher Provides Hands-On Chemical Engineering Seminar

Women in STEM is one of Gann's most active school groups with more than a third of Gann's women participating each year. “Most people don’t yet know what they want to be in life," says junior Maya Rubin. "Women in STEM offers a chance for us to meet interesting female role models.”

Earlier this month, Dr. Natalie Pomerantz, a research chemical engineer at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC) spoke to the group about her work and provided a hands-on demonstration involving fire, water and chemically-treated fabrics.
At the NSRDEC, Dr. Pomerantz works with chemical-protective clothing, particularly research involving selectively-permeable membranes that block chemical agents from passing through clothing while still allowing water vapor, such as sweat, to pass through.

“It was really exciting to hear Dr. Pomerantz talk about how her work makes an impact in the real world. Even though I knew about army scientists, I had never before heard about what they actually work on.” 

Watch a demonstration from the seminar hosted by Dr. Pomerantz.