Righting a Wrong: Waltham’s Forgotten Cemetery

Hodaya Propp, class of 2017, was recently featured on the front page of the Waltham News Tribune for a project she started at Gann. For her senior capstone, Hodaya used her community organizing skills to work with the local government and national stakeholders to right a wrong committed years ago in Waltham.

Hodaya is currently on a gap year in Israel at Migdal Oz and will be attending Cornell University next fall. While at Gann, Hodaya wrote for multiple school publications, sang with the ShenaniGanns, performed with the Red Curtain Drama Club and was an active member of NCSY, Yachad, and the Robotics and Math Teams.

More information about Hodaya's project can be found at metferncemetery.org

Excerpt from Wicked Local and the Waltham News Tribune Article:
While walking through Waltham’s Beaver Brook reservation on a class trip, Gann Academy student Hodaya Propp noted the unkempt and deteriorating conditions at the MetFern cemetery ... Many [of the head stones] were broken or sinking into the ground. And, most shocking to the high school student, was that the vast majority of the stones had no names.

“I remember the first time I saw the cemetery, it just felt wrong,” Propp said. “There was a stone wall and just grass with a few bumps of stone. That was it. It was hard to look at it.”

Deeply unsettled, Propp decided to use her Gann Academy senior project as a means to right a wrong.

Read the full story at http://waltham.wickedlocal.com/news/20171205/student-spurs-effort-to-honor-dead-in-walthams-forgotten-cemetery
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