Students Explore Selves and World During Explo Week

Come the end of May, the halls of Gann are quiet.
Where have the students gone? They are volunteering in a Head Start program, planting vegetables on an organic farm, visiting the Alabama landmarks of the Civil Rights movement and building homes with Habitat for Humanity in North Carolina. And that’s just a sampling of the rich experiences offered during Exploration Week, better known as Explo Week.

Students received their assignments this week, so there’s a lot of excitement in the air. Explo Week is signature Gann: heavy on social justice, hands-on learning and plain old fun. It makes abstract notions like social justice, tikkun olam and sustainability come alive through hard work, leaving one’s comfort zone and opening eyes and ears to new people and experiences. And it’s a tremendous exercise in community building, says organizer Tali Spencer.

"Explo Week is a unique program because students from different grades participate so they get to know students of all ages, which is very powerful for the kids. And what's great is that the friendships continue after they return," says Spencer.  "Our faculty members come up with the programs and the students choose the ones they really care about, so everyone is very invested and engaged."
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