A New Look for Gann's Science Wall

With the end of the year approaching, Gann Seniors are working on their Ma’avar projects. These projects range from traveling to internships. A notable addition has been made to the science wing. Anya Shire-Plumb ’17 choose to paint a mural for her project.

When asked why she chose this particular endeavor, Anya responded, “I have been wanting to do a mural since freshman year because I have always thought Gann should be a little more colorful.” 

Anya is also interested in art therapy, which motivated her to paint a mural. Additionally, Anya studied the effects of art therapy for her Biological Basis of Behavior project, and is hoping that her positive findings can benefit the rest of the school. While working on her display, Anya tried her best on her display, Anya tried her best to combine scientific themes with various “Gann-related” symbols, such as the arch at the front of the building. Additionally, working with various members of administration for both ideas and edits has also helped bring Anya’s Vision for her mural to life.

While her experience has been positive up to this point, Anya has come across different challenges. Both exploration week and Shavout have prevented Anya from working on her mural. With the end of school being less than two weeks away, Anya sees time as her biggest worry and challenge. She noted, “Some parts of my mural have not turned out to be as I envisioned them but apart from that, everything is going smoothly.”

When asked her opinion about the Ma’avar program at Gann, Anya expressed her support of seniors having the opportunity to pursue different interests before graduation: “The word ‘Ma’avar’ means transition and I couldn’t think of a better way for us to transition from high school to the next chapter of our lives.” Ma’avar gives Gann students the incredible opportunity to explore a subject of interest, and Anya’s mural is just one example of project that will surely leave a mark on our Gann community. 

In the coming years, Gann students are sure to feel pensive, intrigued, impressed and inspired by the work of Anya Shire-Plumb, as they prepare themselves to one day make their own powerful transition.
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